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Happy Earth Day everyone. It’s time to plant some trees so you can unload any liberal guilt you may be carrying around. Here are some things you can do to show you’re green:

Earth Day For Google Fans
Donate to a nonprofit that focuses on environmental issues and Google Checkout will put you on a Google Map. You’ll get your own marker and they’ll show that you’re connected to friends who also donate.

Get yourself on another Google map by sharing an idea or what you’re going to do to help the earth. It’s a little easier if you live on a commune (because you can get other people to help!):

Convince the others in the communte to plant more flowers and trees around the property and not take our land for granted. – Sharlene Hennell

See more at

Social Networking Fans Can Plant Trees Virtually
Speaking of planting trees…Former New York Giants running back and current TODAY Show correspondent, Tiki Barber, came up with the “Thumbs up for Trees” initiative.

Today, every time you give a website a thumbs up on StumbleUpon they’ll plant a tree in your behalf.

Plant a Tree in an Endangered Rainforest for Just $5.50
Plant a tree online and the World Wildlife Fund will plant a virtual tree in your behalf in Indonesia (the island of Borneo). This is home to some of the most pristine rain forests in the world, which are fast disappearing.

Just Paypal $5.50 at and you can pick what species of tree you want to be planted. They’ll put your tree on Google Earth and email you the exact co-ordinates. Be sure to put your good deed on the Google map I referenced earlier.

According to the WWF “Every 2 minutes, forest the size of 6 football fields in Borneo diasppears due to illegal loggings. ”

Now I have a question. Why do we rely on donations to rebuild rainforests that other people cut down for a profit. Shouldn’t the money go to preventing illegal logging and to getting those caught to pay for new trees?

  • PS3

    It’s funny how things change. As a teenager I loved the fact that my hometown was expanding, bringing new houses, shopping malls and leisure facilities. I knew that green fields and woodlands were disappearing but felt that was a necessary evil.

    20 years later I realise just how wrong I was (:

    I’d certainly do all I could to help revitalise our rainforests.

  • Great! I just find this now, at 10pm on Earth Day.

    Wow, that is mighty mighty generous of Stumble Upon. I didnt think it was possible to like SU even more. But they are wonderful.


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  • I thumbed up several sites today. Using StumbleUpon has never felt so gooooood! What a way of giving back. Now if we could only make every day Earth Day.

  • “Shouldn’t the money go to preventing illegal logging and to getting those caught to pay for new trees?”
    Yeah, there is a question indeed. Will this guys cultivate some trees or just spend donations on their own needs.

  • Excellent point keylogger its like the age old question about about Red Cross and others. CEO of Good Will makes millions of dollars, hmm seems like something is wrong with that. Anyway two thumbs up for for Stumble Upon.