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UPDATE: It looks like it’s the work of a third party app. See Anne’s comment.

Now here’s something strange spotted by the eagle-eyed Anne Hennegar.

Is Google really getting ready to start a new level of sponsored search ads in its results?

  • Wow! That should be interesting.

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  • Andy, do you have more info on what this is exactly? Looks interesting…

  • Interesting. I wonder if you get recommended if you have a particularly good quality score or if it has something to do with spending more money for the recommendation.

  • I think we have an answer to this. I got an email from Mark Cramer at Surf Canyon indicating their software does add this section. I had their software on a test machine.

    I’ve not seen this recommended section before which is why it caught my eye. Mark indicated the blank section was probably caused by a blank user profile and the ad inventory. He also mentioned the next version will change the heading to state the recommended links are from Surf Canyon.

  • Anne, thanks for your clarification. Hopefully we’ll get a higher recommendation based on quality score and not cost.

  • It will probably be done automatically, in the way like smart pricing and PR. Then people will start complaining about various glitches and low quality sites being “recommended” by Google.

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  • Google needs to continuously be updating their services, I think Adwords currently works perfectly, but when It comes we will deal with it accordingly. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Maybe thats companies they know for sure exist.

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  • freud

    i thought it was spyware, i will not be using google in the future

  • Still like to hope that recommended links isn’t a sponsored links by increased prices.

  • All have changed now. Thanks can still serve for research purposes. Nothing is obsolete online these days.

  • Spook SEO

    Andy it looks interesting that Google is getting “recommended” sponsored links or it may be some spyware but make sure it will never affect the search ranking because whenever the users search for the things they always preferred the generic search results by preventing their self from sponsored links.