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There’s no doubt that Google’s site links help users find the most important links within a given web site. Sometimes though, those links are a little out of whack.

How many of you search for "Yahoo groups" with the interest in the first site link below? 😉

Thanks to Andrew Mattie for the tip.

  • Honestly, I think sitelinks just needs to give users the ability to add the pages to the list they want, instead of letting the magical google powers identify what they think you want shown.

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  • Mine have been similar for over 3 months and were recently updated.

    When you don’t give them obvious choices with sitewide links, they can make a real mess of the selection.

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  • @Brian – I agree, but I guess that opens it up to abuse.

    I guess Yahoo doesn’t log in to Google Webmaster Central to manage their site links. 😉

  • Andy, maybe Christian-Nudists make up a vast majority of Yahoo users?! You never know…

  • @Rhea – we certainly welcome them to leave a comment in support! 😉

  • Very funny…But it doesn’t take me anywhere. Just redirectme to sign in.

  • Site links are important to me as a SEO. In order to see how much work s should do to get #1 from #2. They apparently help user to decide which exactly page they want to visit on the “sitelinks” site and bug you showed tells us that not always Google algorithms as strong as want to see.

  • As a member of many groups, I simply go to the ones I want whenever I want and do not use the link at all. I am sure that most of us must be doing that. In any case, the email alerts serve a useful purpose in advising anything new happening on the group sites.

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  • I doubt that sitelinks are useful in increasing your traffic, perhaps they help in guiding the visitors easily through your site but sometimes they are misleading.

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  • Christian Nudists…are you guys sure an algorithm spat this gem out, or do you think there might be a bit of devious manipulation afoot?

    Point well taken though, thanks for the post Andy.

  • Sitelinks are great for sites that have them because they move competitors down the SERP list – though content will ultimately decide if the visitor remains.

    Can anyone make suggestions for getting Google to create sitelinks?

  • it is because yahoo is competitor to them