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If you read Marketing Pilgrim, or if you read online marketing blogs, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. It’s the rage at tech conferences and in certain communities. Outside of these circles, almost no one has heard of it. But while it may not have reached critical mass, the growth is pretty impressive.

I’ve noticed that people either haven’t heard of Twitter, have a mad crush on it, or HATE it. I asked a room full of paid search managers if they tweet, and one did. Out of the total number of people I work with (most of us do SEO or PPC) my guess is there are about 5 people on Twitter.

I found it interesting that so many airlines twit, like Jetblue, Delta, and Southwest. It’s a quick way to complain about a flight, or find a good deal. Here’s a list of some companies on Twitter. How great would it be if more customer service departments could be reached via Twitter.

This month Twitter had some good news – a $15 to $20 million investment on top of the $5 million they raised last July. A few weeks earlier a college student credited Twitter with saving his life. It only took one word to spurn people to action: “arrested.” Twitter also recently added service in Japan.

Hitwise has some actual numbers on Twitter’s growth. In the US year on year visits to are up 8 fold. But the real growth has been in the past three months with more than double the visits. Traffic continues to climb, up 60% in the past month.

Though still the domain of early adopters, Twitter is probably bigger than the numbers show. People access the site through their phones, and IM – which is tough to track.

Twitter Visits in the US

  • Andy Beal

    Good point about phones and IM. I use Twhirl for Twitter, so rarely visit the actual site.

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  • Steven Bradley

    I’m using Twhirl too. Andy I have to thank you for getting me involved with Twitter. You were the first person I followed and it was a post you did a few months back listing everyone’s profiles that convinced me to become more active.

    Now Twitter is one of my favorite places to be.

  • JKash

    Thanks for the link to my blog… I find that I’m updating the company index several times a day. Twitter is such a powerful tool for brand intel, customer service or information sharing.

    The personal aspect is equally as compelling. I tweet with my brother and sister-in-law all the time.

    JKash’s last blog post..Twitter Brand Index Updated?

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  • Nic Darling

    Just started using twhirl, and I really like it. Thank you comments for the heads up.

    Nic Darling’s last blog post..Recovered Post: 20 Blogging Metaphors – Rock Throwing and the Universal Monkey