Posted April 29, 2008 5:36 pm by with 9 comments

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Before you leave for the day, you must watch this Lenovo parody video for the MacBook Air. This is how you create buzz, when you’re second to market with a thin laptop.

Hat-tip Gizmodo.

  • Haha…Very innovative indeed!

  • I’m afraid to say it with all my good friends watching who are rabid Mac fans, but that was
    a serious slap back.

    Sorry guys,
    the closing text took them out of back room and onto the same shelf. [Almost].

  • lawrence berezin

    Lenovo X300 vs. MacBook Air, and the winner is…. Lenovo. What a great advertisement. Another demonstration of the power of YouTube, and social media marketing.

    Thanks for the “heads up”

  • Give me mac OSX any day over vista. My MacBook Pro is heavy and has a lot of attachments plugged in and i am ok with it. Maybe oneday MS will get their act together and produce a good OS.

    Give me a Mac’s last blog post..Welcome

  • PS3

    The closing sentiments of the ad may well be true but we don’t care – the Air looks so damn cool that we love it anyway!

  • The lenovo looks cool, it looks even nicer than the Air.

  • Well, not sure why they made a rats nest of hubs when they could have connected the drive directly… so they sorta blatantly exaggerated to make their point, which means the point is weak to begin with… and then there’s the whole having to run windows, which if you absolutely have to (don’t know why) you can with OS X. So, in the end, you do compromise. But yeah, I’m a mac fan boi, blah blah blah.

  • Absolutely brilliant visuals that drive the message loud and clear. Great advertising.

  • The was great, thanks for sharing that.