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If you’re tired of viewing your search results as blue links on a white page, then you might want to give Viewzi a test drive.

The "visual" search engine is still in closed beta, but the first 250 Marketing Pilgrim readers to sign-up with the code "pilgrim" will get access to the search engine before anyone else.

What will you find behind the beta curtain?

Actually a pretty cool and intuitive way of searching and viewing results. For example, a search for "Barack Obama" brings up a "cover flow" style interface with viewing options that include:

  • Video x3 View – dozens of relevant videos appear on your screen.
  • Celebrity Photo View – looks like a cyber scrapbook of Obama photos.
  • Amazon Book View – brings up Obama’s books complete with reviews and summaries
  • Wide Screenshot View – browse Yahoo’s search results by viewing screenshots not links
  • Reuters News View – simple, relevant news about Obama.
  • Many more views

Why would you use Viewzi? The Viewzi homepage shares its "vision" about "views."

It’s about Views
Humans think in pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words then Viewzi’s rich, visual Views are worth a million searches. But don’t think of us as yet another visual search engine. It’s more than just pictures, it’s about visually presenting your results in the context of what you are searching for.

It’s Refined

Some views are more utilitarian and pull from broad sources like Google or Yahoo!, while others can be tailored for a specific topic like world news, celebrity gossip, or gadgets. This means your results are right for your search. No more sifting through millions of results.

Viewzi is definitely worth checking out. The way it displays results is refreshing and I found myself caught up in my searching–it’s almost as addictive as StumbleUpon. It probably won’t replace the quick, simple efficiency of Google, but it might just make your list of alternative search tools.

(Remember, only the first 250 get a sneak peak. If you sign-up, come back and tell me what you think of it.)

  • Searchme surely beats the screenshot view, it took me ages on viewzi to load a screenshot. Or actually I gave up after 2 minutes and half the screenshots loaded.

    Actually all the views are too messy to use, and only the reordering in the 4 sources view is quite nice…

  • looks like i got an invite 🙂 Thanks Andy.

    This is the adv of having andy in twitter –

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..How to Setup a Blog using Blogger

  • @Saad – I like to provide value for money! 😉

  • Dean

    Am I missing something or is everyone trying to make search more complicated???

    Viewzi meet RedZee meet SearchMe

  • @Dean – I think the phrase you are looking for is “reinvent the wheel.” 😉

  • I think it would be good if you watch their 101 video:

    Maybe its not ‘perfect yet’. But so far it looks pretty promising to me.

    Saad Kamal’s last blog post..Yahoo BrowserPlus vs. Google Gears

  • Why do they place erotic pictures on the frontpage?

    Elections guy’s last blog post..Polls before Pennsylvania primary: Obama most popular

  • What are you talking about? I don’t see any “erotic” pictures.
    To be honest this sounds interesting and I’ll check the service as soon as i have got access.

  • I’ll have to see the actual results to know whether I’ll find this useful, but it certainly looks interesting and is worth signing up for the invite.

    Saad, thanks for posting the link to the video. I’m still not sure how useful I’ll find Viewzi, but I agree there’s promise there.

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  • I would love an invite.