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The NYT has early details of Yahoo’s new online advertising platform designed to allow publishers to sell demographically targeted ads on their own sites and Yahoo’s content network. The new system is being dubbed AMP.

With AMP, a newspaper ad sales representative working with an advertiser, like a car dealer, would be able to easily see the ad space available on not only the newspaper’s site but also Yahoo and other Web publishers’ sites. The sales person could slice that inventory by demographic profile to, for instance, aim ads for a new hybrid S.U.V. to females of a specific income and age group. The system will help streamline a manual and time-consuming effort, Ms. Schneider said.

The system, which was built out of a combination of technologies developed at Yahoo and others Yahoo obtained when it bought Right Media, BlueLithium and other companies, will also serve ads directly to publishers’ sites and allow marketers to monitor their performance.

Yahoo is expected to roll out AMP sometime in the summer or fall, which makes me wonder. Is Yahoo itself leaking details of AMP in order to show Microsoft–and shareholders–there’s life in the old internet dog yet?

  • I’ve waited for alternative for AdSense & Adwords, maybe this could be it? I think that it is too risky to put all the eggs in same basket so I’m going to give this a shot.

  • This is kind of exciting. I’ve never been crazy about YPN, but this sounds like it could make Yahoo! advertising pretty appealing. Have any sources reported whether or not it will be part of their existing publisher network, or something totally separate?

  • I like the idea, but they’re about a week or so behind Google on the demographic race.

  • Targeted ads are effective only in PPA systems like

  • Sounds Cool. Imagine being able to pick and choose your ad to that degree.

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