Posted April 17, 2008 9:31 am by with 12 comments

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Forget what you were taught in school, two weeks is not made up of fourteen, 24-hour days after all. Nope, according to Yahoo and Google, two weeks is actually more like 8 days as the two companies are rumored to be very happy with their two week test partnership already.

To be fair, Yahoo’s test of Google’s AdSense for Search was supposed to last "up to two weeks" but, considering two weeks is a short engagement period anyway, you’d think the two could abstain for the full 14 days. Instead, it seems the lure of each other’s pheromones strategic traffic was just too much for each company to bear.

So why cut the two week trial short? I’m with Rob Hoff on this…

It’s certainly in Yahoo’s interest to show Microsoft it has another option, and it’s certainly in Google’s interest to throw a monkeywrench into any Microsoft plan.

But we’re supposed to believe that after Yahoo spent years battling Google to little avail, after having multiple chances and much Wall Street encouragement to outsource its search ads to the leader, suddenly Yahoo and Google are now going to be best buddies? After a couple of days of ad tests?

It does sound like desperation on Yahoo’s part. Either Yahoo’s looking to take the "Google poison pill" and make it a lot tougher for Microsoft to launch a proxy bid, or the company is leaking news of the success of the partnership, just so it can force Microsoft into making a higher bid now–and avoid the poison pill scenario.

And for those of you who prefer our "Young and the Profitless" soap-opera versions, here’s what’s happening:

Brad continued to pressure Stacey to make a quick decision about getting married. Stacey’s playing hard to get–she feels Brad should give her the 3 carat solitaire ring, not the 2 carat–and has started telling everyone just how happy she’s been in the arms of Grant. As we all know, Grant couldn’t really care less about Stacey–he just doesn’t want Brad to have here–but he’s playing along anyway.