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Less than a week after we implored Yahoo to offer newly acquired IndexTools’ web analytics for free, it appears it’s doing just that.

Now, before everyone bails on this post and rushes over to the IndexTools web site, there’s a caveat to the offer.

As explained on the IndexTools blog, IndexTools is currently only being offered free to current partners and only if they accept a new Yahoo agreement.

Today we will communicate that we’ll require our partners and clients to accept a new standard Yahoo! agreement and that Yahoo! (we) currently intends to provide the service FREE of charge to clients and partners who accept the Yahoo! Agreement. It is however important to note that our clients and partners must accept this agreement to continue using the service.

I have no idea what the new agreement includes. Maybe you have to swear never to use another Google product, for "so long as you both shall live?" 😉

Still, it’s exciting to see that we might get another free analytics tool to compete with Google Analytics. I know the purists will scream to keep it a paid service, but I’m a cheapskate, so free works for me!

If you’ve received the new Yahoo agreement, let me know if there’s anything ominous about it. Thanks!


  • Wow, this is a semi-surprise, semi-not-surprise.

    I knew Yahoo! had to move to acquire an analytics company, I just wasn’t sure which one.

    Great to see IndexTools for free.

    I had almost started using them about 6 months ago, but the costs were too high for what they were offering.

    Looks like I’ll get another chance to work with them after all.

  • ‘but I’m a cheapskate, so free works for me!’. Lol too right, I’m with you here. I use google analytics at the moment. Should i consider swithcing?

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  • Finally, Yahoo! Good job and keep ’em comming!

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  • well well well its a pretty good offer 😉

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  • As an avid Indextools user of more than 5 years, I am both excited and saddened by this. Indextools has always been a low-cost alternative to Google Analytics – it’s better than GA and didn’t come with the privacy concerns. Now Index Tools has privacy concerns.

    On the one hand, I’m glad I’ll be able to get this kind of reporting for free. On the other hand, now I have to find an alternative for those with privacy concerns. I hate Omniture and Webtrends, plus they are pretty expensive. Anyone have a low-cost alternative I can start trying out?

  • @tony

    No, there is not other alternative with close to the same features and price. If you must have enterprise level tracking, it’s either go up the chain to omniture or have G/Y know about your private data 🙁

    The only bright spot is it’s Yahoo. Like they really know what to do with the data. It’s not like it’s Google. 😉

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  • Free works best, period. If you’re trying to gain market penetration and general acceptance of your product or service on the internet, it being free will lead to much wider exposure than one would ever get by trying to charge.

    Smart move by Yahoo, am a current Google Analytics user, but will definitely check Yahoo’s offering out

  • Will wait offer to new partners.

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  • This could probably be an interesting option for people with a previously banned gmail account. If they want to collect adsense, they wouldn’t have to delete the cookies every time they check their mails and then switch accounts to view their stats.

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  • Market forces work again. Good news on one hand and sad reading on the other. Anyway, it nice that yahoo has its ears and heart close to the users unlike some others we know don’t we?

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