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I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat since last Monday, when we pointed out the sword of Damocles was hanging over Yahoo, tied largely to their Q1 results, due out tomorrow afternoon. The results weren’t expected to be impressive.

Kara Swisher of BoomTown/D: All Things Digital, however, points out that Yahoo could do really well tomorrow:

Everything from the cheekiness of the Google (GOOG) online ad outsourcing deal to the further opening up of its platform to yet another sassy no-thanks letter to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer can only bring one to a single conclusion: Yahoo will—by performance or by selling everything not nailed down at Sunnyvale HQ—turn in a solid, and even impressive, first quarter.

Viewed through that lens, a lot of recent Yahoo goings-on do suddenly seem to make sense. Swisher also points out that Yahoo, being, y’know, a lot like Google, might ride the same positive business wave that brought glad tidings from Mountain View last week.

Swisher predicts not only a good report from Yahoo tomorrow, but possibly a call from Microsoft, upping their offer. However, Yahoo has long been going the, “Gee, we’re flattered (sort of), but no thanks” route. Have they been holding out for more or just trying to stay independent?

  • It’s not often there’s as much interest in Yahoo’s numbers as Google’s. Actually, with so much at stake, maybe Yahoo’s are even more important than GOOG’s.

  • Andy, normally i wouldn’t care so much but with Microsoft constantly knocking, it is very interesting to see what there numbers look like.

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  • I don’t think Microsoft will rise the offer.

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  • Elections guy, why do you think so? With Microsoft’s ambitions on a search market all are possible.

  • Awww, Yahoo! must feel so special right now. I’d just be happy if whatever they release doesn’t push them closer to the Microsoft deal. I would hate to see that happen.

  • This will be interesting, I almost hope their numbers are good.