Marketing Pilgrim Ads on Sale; New RSS Footer Ads

Since we placed all of Marketing Pilgrim’s ad slots on sale, we’ve had an influx of interest. There’s a good chance that we’ll sell out our inventory very soon, so drop me an email if you’re interested.

One last thing, we’ve now added new RSS only ads. There are just ten RSS ad slots, so if you want to see your ad in rotation at the bottom of our RSS feed, get in quick; they’re just $150 per month.

Linky Goodness, May 30

You heard the man! We have a limited capacity for posts—and I’m sure you’re all busy reading the fabulous entries in this year’s SEM Scholarship contest, so I’ll follow Andy’s suit and summarize the good stuff:

Newspaper Sites Profitable with Online Advertising

A study by Borrell Associates found that almost all newspaper web sites are profitable – thanks to online advertising. Advertising revenue accounts for over half of revenues locally, and 57.3 percent, goes to online advertising like Google.

They studied 3,100 sites owned by newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and independents to find out where they are making the most ad revenues.

According to Borrell, there are some important “firsts” in the newspaper industry. For the first time, newspaper online local ads topped more than $2 billion. Also, web sites of the biggest newspapers have switched from print or radio ad revenue to more than half of their revenues coming from non-print advertisers.

Full List of SEM Scholarship Entries for 2008

Thanks to everyone that entered the 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship Contest. We had an amazing 31 qualifying entries and the quality of advice was exceptionally high!

I know it can be hard to keep track of all the entries, so here’s the full list:

How to Turn the Coveted SEM Triple Play – The Little Known Integrated Approach to Success

By Gyutae Park

yankee stadiumIf you’re a baseball junkie, you know that a triple play is nearly impossible to turn in a game. It requires perfect conditions (at least two runners already on base and no outs), super quick reflexes from the fielders, and a little bit of luck. In fact, the unassisted triple play has only been executed 14 times in the history of Major League Baseball (from 1876-2007).

Now before you hit the back button, confused that Marketing Pilgrim has somehow transformed into ESPN, let me explain how this is relevant to search engine marketing.

New Technique for Optimizing Flash Sites for Search and Usability

By Lamees Abourahma

Web content has evolved from plain old text to more sassy content including video, sound and Flash. This new engaging content is more likely to attract visitors and capture their attention for a longer time (thus increasing Site Traffic and lowering Bounce Rate).

Bruce Clay, in a recent episode of SEM Synergy on titled “Changing definition of content” said: “…the definition (of Web content) has expanded. Content can be video, MP3 or images, even feeds or news or blogs… the search engines have to figure out how to decipher that and measure engagement… new sites have a lot of Flash files and images… we’re actually finding that this actually makes a difference. If the web has more pictures, that’s how you get more visitors.” The problem is, most search engines still can’t decipher Flash files or index Flash sites (i.e., sites designed entirely using Adobe Flash).

The Process of Producing Web Traffic that Gets Results, Think Like Someone Else

By Mark R. Hinkle

The reason people publish content on the web varies: to promote a product, their company, or themselves as an expert. If you are looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune stop reading. Publishing and promoting your content should be looked at as a process with a distinct goal in mind. Gimmicks and other tricks are short-sighted unless you want to be the next Tommy Tutone or Devo it’s worth your time to come up for a complete content and promotion strategy.