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By Asif Anwar

When people realized the potential of email marketing, they thought that this is the future of internet marketing. Then came in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with more liberal approach. As the social media evolved with Web 2.0, we are steadily seeing the shift of visitors from popular internet services like search engines and free email services to the newborn Online Social Media. We are seeing that the present of Internet Marketing is changing rapidly. So, why not the future?

The changes in the internet marketing will evolve around the technology. And marketers have to go where all the people are heading. To give a bit of hint, I’ve compiled some of my prophecies that are based on future of internet marketing.

Prophecy #1: Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be History

Sorry for starting it this way. As an internet marketer, I am happy to promote the keyword Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as most of the people somehow got used to this term. But it’s a wrong word anyway. We the marketers don’t optimize search engines. Rather engineers in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft does the exact thing.

As the search engines acquire more revenue, their pool of professionals is also drained with best brains. And it will just take some time to identify ways to evaluate each site irrespective of web development language used. But, they will eventually get rid of the need to optimize your site for the Search Engines.

Search Engines might also go for Visual Algorithm Update that will use snapshot image of the page to manipulate information like visible text, animation, and visible keyword density. With artificial intelligence using OCR technology to extract the texts, can eliminate a lot of tasks that are currently done for optimizing a site for search engines.

Prophecy #2: Searching will become more User-friendly

As the speed of internet rises, search engines will show more visible results. I would be happy to see Mouseover Zoom-up search results, for quick peek of the site I wish to open. It’s much like the Snapshot pop-in that WordPress is using. That will make people go beyond the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Moreover, the Search-As-You-Type will also be introduced with search suggestions. The search suggestion will also affect multilingual users, as they will be suggested English keywords for the same multilingual phrase. Well, that might be good for businesses for English speaking countries.

It may happen that searching will not be required at all in case of purchase. You just provide the query to Google, Yahoo, Live or any Search Engines; have a cup of coffee and you’ll have custom reports with prices on products you are seeking with background research highlighting positive and negative comments about the product.

Prophecy #3: More Personalized & Localized Results will Influence SEM

We are already experiencing localized search. However, the personal search has not yet been that very personal. Personalized search will provide more reputation for websites which can influence search engine performance based on more quality visits with low bounce rate. Websites will figure out new offline ways to create more personal affiliation with the site to influence personalized search.

Localized search will provide marketers with the ability to influence people on the move to purchase. That way, the localized search may also change if a consumer changes location.

Prophecy #4: Natural Language Reputation Algorithm will be a Great Factor

Misspelled keyword marketing has already started to vanish. Moreover, to fight duplicate content, spammers will use twisted garbage texts of the same content that have no meaning but with correct spelling. Search Engines will embed several artificial intelligence to identify natural language.

Sites with less grammatical errors and misspellings will get more Natural Language Reputation Rank. This in turn can add as another task for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Prophecy #5: Copying Themes will be punished by Near Duplicate Content Filter

Google has recently updated Duplicate Content Filter that punishes the use of duplicate contents in the internet. But, Search Engines will try it’s best to struggle with the remedies taken by webmasters or web marketers through their Near Duplicate Content Filter.

Varied contents with same theme will also be identified and punished by hidden results which you can see only by clicking “See more pages like this” beside the original theme. The explanation from search engine is, if two pages are saying the same thing, then why keep them all over the SERPs.

Prophecy #6: TrustRank will be Stronger than PageRank

Both Google and Yahoo are working on Trustrank. At current stage, it suggests using both automated algorithm and human editors to fight against spam. But, I believe that some other factors like low bounce rate, high visitors, age of the site, etc. will come under the automated portion of the TrustRank. Even email spamming reputation can also influence TrustRank. Sites will struggle to keep TrustRank high.

Prophecy #7: Online Social Media will kill Traffic from Search Engines

This is actually not a prophecy. We are seeing the result today. Facebook is growing rapidly with all the services it can find. In near future, you may never have to leave Facebook to get the services you want or worse (I’d say better) you can get paid services for free inside the walled garden. Then, the search engines will end up only as API among all other web services.

Prophecy #8: Handheld Devices will Rule Future Traffic

I said Handheld Devices, not mobile phones. I am not optimistic that mobile phone technology will last for 5 more years. As Bluetooth, WiFi, and WiMax evolves, each mobile phone operators will switch back to ISP (but wireless). Even Nokia is also trying to remove the mobile identity from their manufactured sets. They are calling N-Series sets as Multimedia Devices and E-Series sets as Communicators.

People are paying for the communicating with each other now through mobile phones. But in future, people will love to be spammed to talk free with their partners. They are always doing that for their favorite shows in television. Mobile-commerce will become more user friendly, making people buying more through mobile phones.

Social Media and Mobile platform will create a new hybrid means of communication that will be more secured and moreover it will be free. So, newsletter circulation will switch from emails to Online Social Medias.

Prophecy #9: Email will be the Least Used for Personal Communication

Email marketers have bad news. But, I guess they have got it already. Why use it as marketing media when people will not be using it? For personal use, people may not switch back to emails again. For instance, many of us regularly check Facebook & LinkedIn inbox which sometimes attracts more attention than the emails in mailbox.

But, I don’t see that email will die fast. Email services will evolve as much complex media of communication. I would like to see some sort of a CRM solution that automatically takes care of who to mail today. Email can turn out to be more of a Business-to-Business (B2B) communication tool.

Email may face another challenge is Email Toll for unsolicited emails aka spams. People may have to pay a small fee to get accepted for sending further mails. But then again, there will always be Toll-Free Email Address used by businesses.

Prophecy #10: Personal Power to Influence Purchase will Increase

With the evolution of Online Social Media, personal power to influence purchase will greatly increase. People with greater reputation will have greater trust rank and can influence purchase. Basically, they will be the next marketers. The punchline for my blog is “Philanthropists are the greatest marketers and vice versa”. I believe that will be true in future. Your effort to help the community can make you Authority of Reference to individuals for purchase. Authority site’s influence will reduce.

Even people with great reputation will be hired by companies for their marketing. Social Marketing will largely influence online purchase. Or each company will work for some sort of Social Cause.

Prophecy #11: Web-based Consumer Analytics will be Major Internet Marketing Process

Web Analytics and Consumer Analytics will be merged into a hybrid technique called Web-based Consumer Analytics. This may be the major online marketing process in future. Data Manipulators for specific industry will be another Marketing Position in future, who will help businesses identify high value customers. So, each marketer will know what you bought, what you might buy now, and what you will want to buy for next Christmas.

Web Analytics will evolve into Online Reputation Monitoring. And Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) will thrive as the best strategy for online selling. Every business will use their own monitoring tool to identify potential need and businesses will have people finding it out.

Prophecy #12: Web Cluster and Widgets will mean Businesses for Small Companies

Web Cluster and Widgets will become more popular as small businesses may find niche marketing opportunities. The users of widgets or web clusters are not counted as visitors to the site. However, the large amount of use of them in external sites can increase more revenue for small businesses. However, to mask the reputation for push marketing, many marketers may mal-utilize it.

Prophecy #13: Future Internet Marketers will be Personal Helper

Personal help in purchase is currently a payable service. But in near future, marketers will play this role for free. If the marketers know that your son has brought many baby products for 3 months in a row and the birthday of your Granddaughter is in next week, then the marketers can approach you to remind what you can buy for your Granddaughter. This is just one example. But Philanthropy Model in Internet Marketing will rule the future.

This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship contest.

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  • prophecy isn’t always right… it’s just someone’s vision of the future.

    fyi.. first it was email marketing to PAGERS… then SEO… circa 1995.

    paisley’s last blog post..We’re all guinea pigs in Google’s search experiment | Tech news blog – CNET

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  • “Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be History”

    “Search Engines might also go for Visual Algorithm Update that will use snapshot image of the page to manipulate information like visible text, animation, and visible keyword density.”

    Those two statements above contradict each other. One says onsite seo will be gone and the other says how it will just change. I agree with number two.

    SEO Prices Gal’s last blog post..More Google Ranking Success

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  • Mostafa Zaman

    Thanks Asif for sharing this forthcoming marvel of future internet based marketing scenario. I like specially the content filter and trust-rank visionaries. This projection is ambitious nevertheless not impossible. (Hope so) :). Paisley just putted his disputes on the prophecies that it is just someone’s vision of the future. But the changes and strategies abt internet based marketing is the reflexion of someone’s vision. The thin line between the vision and prophesy is accomplishment. But they don’t contradict.First thing for an endeavor, vision is the first thing Anyway Stay tuned, the prophesies might come true. Thank u again.

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  • Nice predictions… Hope that some will happen as proof of the search engine evolution, specially #4 🙂

  • Nice article…keep up the good works..

    Evan’s last blog post..Linkshare vs. CJ vs. ShareaSale – Which is the Best Network Choice?

  • Ron

    Very good article… inventions always come from imaginations. hope your statements will come true.
    Keep up the good works…

    Ron’s last blog post..Is 3 tier architecture and MVC same?

  • I am very happy with your article. 13 prophecies of internet marketing is useful for the sale of the products. In SEO keyword research is useful for know the what is the familiar and strong keyword. Thank you for giving this information.

  • I couldn’t agree with these “prophecies” more. Especially with the fact that natural language will be a high qualify factor in calculating relevancy in both links and in content. I also highly agree with “trustrank” taking over pagerank. Accessibility and user-experience (or trustrank) will dominate.

    Utah SEO’s last blog post..Top 3 Unsung SEO Heroes of 2008

  • Thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate your time in reading the article.

    Prophecies aren’t always right. And you are absolutely right. But, it’s always right to dream. We have the right, right?

    @SEO Prices Gal
    The current SEO activities are done at code level. But as Website Visual Algorithm is introduced, the code level optimization for search engines will parish.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing – The Near & Far Future of Online Marketing

  • @ Utah SEO
    Thanks for the critical input. It helps more thn just appreciation. Prophecies are always debated. That was the reason I chose this topic 🙂

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing – The Near & Far Future of Online Marketing

  • I like your article, it is a nice article, but i am not agree with you somehow

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  • @Caroline Melberg – (

    The first prophecy is about the dramatic change in the SEO as we know it. If Visual Algorithm comes in, several problems like hidden texts and hidden links and other ways to fool the search engine will disappear. Moreover, no matter what web development language you use, it will give you exact results. So, you have to manipulate search engine rankings not by coding, but by visual or aesthetic procedures.

    The number 4 prophecy is about building pages with good grammar and good English. So, this is not actually same prophecy as the first one. Duplicate Content Filter of Google has pushed old school marketers to spend more on Content development, which is currently eating up most of the cost. To reduce this cost another spam may arise is the twisting contents with some sort of a software with meaningless contents. Since you have the same amount of keyword density and SEO work done for the other pages, you really can fool the search engines. This is just an immediate prophecy before the introduction of Near Duplicate Contents or Duplicate Theme Filters (Prophecy#5). There are already very good Artificial Intelligent technologies for Natural Language Identification. So, all search engines need to do is embed it into their system. Some of it is already being fulfilled, e.g. the misspelled optimization or marketing is steadily vanishing.

    I totally agree with your comment: SEO as we know it won’t disappear completely, but it will change to be idea-based rather than keyword-based.

    Again search engines will go after more quicker experience in search. If you can quickly get a peek on the results before clicking, then you might go beyond the first 10 results. Or you may see top 20 results as default in 1st Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

    I also agree that No. 3, that’s not really a prophecy. But, the leading word “MORE” makes it a new prophecy. I have seen demographic analytics. I am not sure how they provide near accurate information. But, search results are not that much localized or that much personal. Making search results personal may seem impossible. But, my prophecy is saying that it is possible.

    About Prophecy#5, same WordPress theme will not be punished. If they’re in totally different online niches, in the context of content, they will be totally different things. Content was, is, and will always be the king.

    Yes, PageRank has already fallen by the wayside. TrustRank is just a new rank that is still in research. But doesn’t include the parameters I have mentioned in the Prophecy#6.

    I totally agree with your comment:
    “Regarding social media replacing search engines – I doubt it. But I do see the two integrating. Someday you’ll see search and social media being so integrated that you won’t be able to think about either of them as separate entities.” Again, we may as well see that Search Engines Loosing it’s physical form. i.e. people will be using Google a lot, but no one will visit

    About handhelds, my prophecy was that, if an ISP provides you with internet anywhere and you can make free calls with skype and fring, then will you subscribe to any mobile company’s offer? I hope you can see that mobile phones are mutating with PDAs and becoming small computer steadily. So, you will never need 2 devices, when you can do everything at once.

    “It will be a long time before e-mail dies. Don’t count on that prophecy coming true.” Yes, I also believe that.

    Here is a good critic point by her:
    Once again, the author has broken the same prophecy up into two (so he really only has 11 prophecies). The personal power and “philanthropy as marketing” is already taking root. Those who give the most build the best reputations. Become an expert in your niche and people will take you seriously. We’re already seeing it but I do believe this prophecy will come true and some day you’ll see social internet marketers carry the same influence as someone like, say, Oprah – make a recommendation and there will be best sellers.

    I am not sure which 2 prophecies you are thinking to be same. But, I believe that Prophecy#11 (Web Consumer Analytics) and Prophecy#13 (Marketers being helpers or buying guide). Web Consumer Analytics is totally a technological thing, but the Philanthropic model is much more generic model. I wanted to show that Oprah’s marketing is also an philanthropic model of marketing. But, my prophecy was, as the Online Social Media evolves, we will have online philanthropists that can influence purchase.

    Trackur is making online reputation management a high priority for everyone. And I agree with your comment. I haven’t tried it out. But I hope it provides insights for total visibility, e.g. information on what people are saying in blogs, forums, websites, twitters, and in social medias (the walled garden). But, individual purchasing behavior monitoring is quite tough these days. But, it will be easy in future and each marketer will dig the data to rule in the niche.

    Thanks for the ending comment:
    All in all, I’d say that Asif Anwar is right about most of his predictions, but most of them are already starting to come true, which doesn’t say much for his skills as a prophet. It just means that reality is sinking in a little faster than expected. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see where we’re headed now. The future of Internet marketing is bright.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing – The Near & Far Future of Online Marketing

  • Alin

    Your article[where you wanna say “Future” that means your dream] is nice but most of the points of your article is running already & would be successfull anyhow.thanks.

  • Kazi Salim

    It’s a nice article Asif. I can see your dedication hard work on this issue. Keep up your good work. I think search engines and websites are becoming part of lifestyle like having morning coffee or tea. I feel that I will not be able breath without google. Thanks again for your contribution..

  • Frank Mandix

    Hello Asif,

    Most controversial is your prophecy #1. However I believe that you are right in the sense that SEOs work area and their job content will be different.

    Clearly search engines will be better and more advanced as you describe but still it does mean that ANY website will be truly reflected in the search engines. Also various websites may want to make sure that they have done their utmost to noted. A SEO could justify such a claim.

    Kind Regards,

    Frank Mandix [LION, 3300+]
    Let’s Connect!

  • Very nice list. I don’t agree with every point but its important to always be thinking ahead and preparing for possible changes. I think there is a lot to be said about social media, hand held devices, personalized search, and natural language.

    I do think the term SEO will transform. SEO is already becoming more about link bait and buzz generation. Its more about website optimization and PR imo.

    Justin’s last blog post..Power of Local Google Search

  • iqbal

    I think it’s an ‘Okay’ list, not highly unusual. Your ‘prophecies’ are really obvious to anyone glancing at the developments of those issues. But I guess _somebody_ has to do it, just to make it official.

  • Nice Article Asif Anwar. Keep writing ….

  • i m not agree with first prophecies, check out here..discussion is going on

  • Asif, I think you’re very muc on track. But what really caught my eye was not your predictions, but this: “Philanthropists are the greatest marketers and vice versa.”

    For me, marketing has always been wrapped up vey closely with social change. Philanthropists are not necessarily great marketers–but those who want to ove the world forward, whether through philanthropy or activism, must understand marketing.

    I discuss this interplay, BTW, in my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First. Asif, if you’d like an e-copy as a gift, let me know privately (shel a t principledprofit dot com)

  • Hi Asif,

    It’s great to have listed out few important points of Online Marketing. However I completely not agree with all of your points, but I am taking it in a way as these are prediction of future online marketing events. It will be good to see after few years how many of this are really implemented in practical.

    Overall I am happy reading your views. It was nice & informative read.

    Good Luck!


    Afzal Khan – SEO Expert’s last blog post..Mount Everest Ascent Logo – Google celebrate 55th anniversary of Mount Everest Ascent

  • @All
    Those who complimented, thanks.

    @Frank Mandix

    These are not accurate prophecies. Accurate prophecies have specific dates. I forgot to put the date 🙂

    Anyway, we would not see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vanish overnight. There will always be an effort to make the site Search Engine Friendly. It may not always stay the same we see today. As the search engines make our lives easier, that might as well be easy.


    I could not but agree more with your “Buzz Generation” keyword.


    Refer back to answer @Frank Mandix.

    @Shel Horowitz
    The Philanthropist model of marketing will change the way we do business in future. It would be a lie, if I say, that has nothing to do with Internet Marketing. Rather this business model was greatly felt in the Internet Marketing industry. That’s why businesses prefer giving valuable things away for free for the sake of traffic. Good luck on your book.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing – The Near & Far Future of Online Marketing

  • Thank you, Asif, for a very thoughtful, intelligent compilation of observable and possible future trends in internet marketing. You covered many bases in one place, so I commend you.

    Those who would detract because some items are already observable trends neglect the fact that many people are focusing on some elements and downplaying or overlooking others. So a presentation such as this is very helpful, to bring us back from our everyday concerns and force us to look again at the big picture of the industry in its broadest terms yet again. Thought provoking.

    So what if it’s not a classical “prophecy?” Would people be inclined to read and consider the content if the title said “possibilities” or the ubiquitous “trends?” I think you observed marketing lessons in title crafting very well. So let’s focus on content, not whether it’s 13 or 11 trends, possibilities or opinion or prophecy. I enjoyed it, shared it, stumbled it!

    I couldn’t agree more with the Philanthropist model, and the importance of trust or reputation scores (implicit or measured through some algorithm). Reliability and quality of content and opinions are critical! Give, and it will come back to you, in the same measure by which you gave. Give generously of your best, and you will reap the rewards!

    As for email marketing as we currently know it, it is observably on the decline – just as mailbox stuffers swamped us in the past. However, intelligent companies such as aWeber will morph to provide integrated solutions to marketers, such as having you post an article with them, and according to the customer’s subscription, it will be delivered via email, to their RSS reader, to your blog, to their mobile computing device, etc. (This is already under way.) Essentially, all systems will focus on delivering content to the audience in the form the audience wants, at the time they want it, on the device they want. That could be podcasts, iTunes, their YouTube account, MP3 player, etc. – audio, video, print…

    It’s going to be a fun and challenging ride. You are on top of the crest of the wave, and I wish you great success in the contest and all your endeavors.


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  • Wow, really powerful predictions here Asif. I’m seeing quite a bit of what you’re talking about already – I’m stripping out tons of extraneous incoming emails myself and only focusing on those few marketers I truly admire and respect.

    And, as I’ve recently blogged about myself, I believe we’re in the midst of a movement away from aggressive internet marketing to more relationship-based online marketing.

    Mari Smith’s last blog post..Ten Steps to Leverage Your Blog Posts With Facebook Notes

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  • Hi Arif, I almost disagree with every one of them. The one I do agree with has been in place for some time now…. trustrank. It’s been the fact that Google views authority status and trustrank, etc way over any kind of pagerank… internal PR as well.

    As far as your other predictions, I don’t know where to start and where to end as none of them have much credence. Sorry.

  • Kanishka

    I would agree only to some degree… since the future is very uncertain. There was a time when people never imagined that a man could ever fly like a bird but we all saw how the airways took our lives to different dimensions. Same goes to internet,mobile and so on. Search engine certainly needs to have some tweaking process since there are so many bogus searches which are not relevent.

    I would say the prediction on mode of internet search is some what which is quite true but pertaining to email services i doubt since what if we need to send some attachments and big files, in that case we certainly require a services for that.. don’t we ??? well whatever it would be one thing is sure that the life beyond us belongs to cutting edge technology which majorly includes “internet services”

    Take care.

  • I think any predictions on Internet Marketing should include web 3.0 (4.0?) and other new things that just can’t be imagined today, not only changes to existing technologies. In 1998 who would have thought about blogs or podcasts? This is the beauty of Internet marketing 🙂

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  • Thanks Mr. Asif for this great article. I don’t know much about SEM but I have deep interest on it. I like ur way of thinking about Search engine marketing.

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  • I believe that most of your prophecies will become true in very near future. It can be called web 3.0 time. This article is interesting and encouraging. There is so many things to think and so many things to learn!
    ” Sob google ar icha, amra(SEO specialists) usila matro!”.

    However, thank you asif vai for showing us the future.

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  • This is an interesting prediction but I think I won’t agree on number 1…because I think that as long as there are websites there is always a need for SEO..^^

  • This is the blog post that mentions the article that has been nominated for the 3rd SEM Contest of Marketing Pilgrim.

    Seo Faisalabad’s last blog post..Seo Marketing

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  • Wow. Lots of interesting material and food for thought about the possible future trends of marketing. You got me thinking.


  • Nice posting Asif. I read & really found great artcles.

  • You are right boss. Your brilliant thinking makes us proud. Still I am a baby in Internet world. So Want to learn from you. Please supply more and more.

    faridul alam’s last blog post..Hosting Packages

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  • Zahir

    Informative article, Marketing along with IT’s will get quite tricky coming future, yet manageable. Thanks for the depth.

  • thanks for sharing, a big contribution to road of success.

    Internet Marketing Company’s last blog post..A test post

  • This post is absolutely cool and a truth that I guess most people don’t know about Online marketing. This can be a guide to someone who wants to set his hands in the field. Thanks a ton Asif for showing us the path.

  • @ All,

    Thanks for the compliments. I really appreciate your time for going through the article.

    @ Richard Burckhardt (The Web Optimist) for his blog in Search Engine Journal

    I believe my first prophecy is the most debated and criticized. And making it the first prophecy is part of the game to attract more traffic by letting people carry on with the debates and spread it virally. Which I believe, has worked in some way. But, all prophecies are not meant to be accurate. Prophecies are vision of a person. I’ve accepted it and would be glad if you accept it as well 🙂

    However, I’d like to shed some light on my visions on this. The reason I think Onsite SEO will parish is:

    • Onsite SEO is a thing you have control on and you can manipulate the Search Engines to favor you by changing codes. The guesstimated stat of about 90% sites are not optimized for search engines, is true. Again the websphere is growing at a geographical rate. If all sites can easily make their site search engine friendly through nice & free plugins or addons available now-a-days, then think about the disaster that will happen in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Search Engine will eventually get away from the manipulation that you can do on your site. Their move to count incoming links has actually pushed us a bit away from Onsite SEO. Moreover, counting the age of the site has also tied our hands. You never know in future, they will push you further to a stage when you will have no control on your site.

    • Most of the search engines generate revenue from advertisement. I also believe that Googleopoly will not be there forever (another prophecy! :-). When the competition in the search engines becomes intense in future, search engines will find ways to tie the hands of the Search Engine Optimizers and drive these people to PPC.

    • Search engines will become inter-platform friendly and equally favor sites that are built in Flash, Java, PHP, etc. To do that they might think out of the box and think of any algorithm that is independent of any codes. So, there is extreme probability that something like Visual Algorithm may come in that doesn’t care what are the codes, but cares about what it looks like and says visually (I said maybe :-). I had an interesting discussion going on in LinkedIn Answers on Visual Algorithm, please have a look at the discussion:

    I also believe that onsite SEO will not go away that easily. However, before dieing we may experience many changes in internet marketing regarding onsite SEO, such as

    • If we look back at history, we needed only one webmaster for all the marketing. But, now-a-days, you can find a lot of people working for a site. e.g. Copywriter, SEO, Designer, Web Developers, etc. We never know this very Onsite SEO might change according to platform. We may as well see separate SEO for PHP, Flash, Java, etc.

    • Visual Algorithms can eliminate the need for code-based marketing of sites. Only the designed outlook will count. If it is implemented, then keyword density, Bold texts, H1 would still have lives.

    • There might be a situation when people will not need text anymore. The definition of web content is changing. Now, web components like flash, image, audio, video, etc. are also being defined as contents. There are chances that we will not stay in the text-based Web 1.0 era. If texts are not the center of any attraction, then why would the internet marketers need SEO anyway? And I am quite afraid that text-based Web 1.0 will die sooner than expected.

    Asif Anwar

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing – The Near & Far Future of Online Marketing

  • @ Margaret Hampton,

    Thanks for the time to write a long comment and also for the passionate support in the language.

    I have given my prophecies a second thought whether it is 13 or 11 prophecies. I have gone through all of these but understand that I have 12 prophecies. i.e. Prophecy # 13 (Future Internet Marketers will be Personal Helper) should actually belong to the Prophecy # 11 (Web-based Consumer Analytics will be Major Internet Marketing Process). So, I need another prophecy to make it 13.

    So here is the new prophecy:

    Prophecy # 13 : The Broadcasting Media will Merge with the Internet

    Broadcasting Media or Television we know today is going to merge with the internet. They will also count hits, not downlinks when the convergence happens. The mobile devices are steadily being modified to receive television signals. Since the handhelds will have both television & internet facility, the broadcasting media will upgrade themselves to offer hybrid services that is more cost effective for the users. Moreover, this will remove the time barrier (i.e. the limitation to watch your favorite program in their specified time). So, we will have the flexibility to watch streaming videos from the internet. It will also remove the place barrier by allowing us to see our favorite program anywhere.

    The advertisers will have the flexibility to see when, how long, which demographic niches are watching their ads. This will also help the advertisers to choose the programs they think are perfect for advertizing. Will this be the Web 3.0 era? I am not sure. But, the Internet Marketers will experience a shift from text-based web to the video-based Web era. Google has already started to provide video ads as AdWords. So, the future is very near.

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing – The Near & Far Future of Online Marketing

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  • He who owns only a a hammer sees every problem as a nail. SEO is a particularly useless hammer aimed to bend and twist a particularly undeveloped nail.

    Only the relative infancy of the internet makes it possible for such nonsense to make claims of respectability.
    I wouldn’t be so dramatic as to use the word prophesy, but I predict that the internet will eventually give some people the drivel they want in the form they want it, packaged and presented, hopefully, by relatively intelligent machines as opposed to dishonest SEOs and alow the others to access useful information, probably from friends and colleagues as it did before the great unwashed took the internet over. Then everybody will be happy.

  • we are steadily owing to the develop into of visitors from hackneyed internet services drink in search engines and free email services to the newborn Online Social Media. We are seeing that the present of Internet Marketing is changing rapidly.

    Sso Trend’s last blog post..Search Engine Optimization Services

  • we are steadily owing to the develop into of visitors from hackneyed internet services drink in search engines and free email services to the newborn Online Social Media. We are seeing that the present of Internet Marketing is changing rapidly.

    Seo Trend’s last blog post..Search Engine Optimization Services

  • @Ed Taaffe

    You can’t blame SEO if you haven’t seen any result from it. I have strengthened 4 company’s financial standing with just SEO. However, these businesses were international business type, both B2B and B2C. So, SEO was the best marketing option for them. But, if it’s a local business with traffic less than 50 per month, then it’s a small nail that can’t be nailed with a big hammer. Hammer is always useful, but you need the right hammer for the right nail.

    You are saying that SEO is dishonest. But, even Google’s Matt Cutts admitted that SEO is not bad. And sorry that you had to see the dishonest part of it. Actually, there are many roughs that are polluting our white hat marketing reputation. Always remember that, there is no secret sauce, quick solutions or shortcut in white hat SEO. When you go the hard way, you make investment that will last longer. If anyone showed you any shortcut and said that, this is SEO, can you please shoot that guy from my behalf?

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..3rd SEM Scholarship Contest by Marketing Pilgrim and My Result

  • nice post

    Seo things’s last blog post..Importance of Quality Link Building

  • Your article is quite interesting to me. While I do not hole everything you stated to be fact, I appreciate that you do have an opinion and made some very valid points.

    Fact is, I have use social mediums for more constant communication that e-mail. I work with site that allow me to stay abreast of friend status while keeping them abreast of mine. Funny part is, everyone use to spend time just checking their e-mail. Now people use their email for business and just check their friend status.

    Wish you the best.

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    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

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  • Great list of prophecies of internet marketing. I totally agree with the 7th prophecy that traffic from social media sites really become important for a website for maintaining its reputation which is surely gonna kill search engines traffic.

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  • You are right, SEO now a days become more critical as search engine algorithms become more intelligent and yeah Social media platform are about to kill the traffic driving from Search Engine. I’m wondering that in coming days SEO will lost their identity.

  • I like your concept of Trustrank vs Pagerank. This are all aspects that will determine traffic building from SEO point of view..
    Web traffic is something that comes after.

    Thanks for the post

  • It’s not Prophecies of internet marketing it’s a horror story and it’s true.

    I like very much your article.

  • today SEO becomes more stratagic, need more attention regarding Content and need powerful back links concepts to become visible in search engines.

    Thanks for worth post. @syncnologies, @sachinpatil01:disqus @steveshah19:disqus

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