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It’s like I’ve always said. This “internet” is just a fad that will never catch on. 😉

Err, wait. Some people actually believe that? Well, if a new survey from Parks Associates is to be believed, there’s a huge slice of Americans that haven’t embraced the web yet.

Take a look at this chart…

OK, so the data is slightly skewed–half of those that have never used email are over 65–but it’s still kind of startling.

I honestly can think of just two people in my life that would fall in to all of the above categories–my grandparents. But, they’re both in their eighties.

What about you? Aside from your family, do you know anyone that’s never used a computer or surfed the web?

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  • Charles Barthold

    How much of that 21 percent is due to demographics? In other words, people who can’t afford a computer or don’t have easy access to a library or school?

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  • Nick Bostic

    My grandfather is in his late 80s. He emails all day long, chats with other 80+ year old friends on Skype and designed and coded the web sites for his local Lions Club and Homeowners Association. He definitely doesn’t fit that “study”.

    Nick Bostic’s last blog post..6 Ways Microsoft is Sending Customers to Apple by Listening to their Customers

  • Andy Beal

    @Charles – good point. But, “never” done any of these tasks? You’d think more would have done so at least once.

    @Nick – no, he doesn’t! Good for him!

  • Arthur Freydin

    I wonder what they classify as internet use.

    Nearly everything these days is connected via the internet so it’s hard to imagine that 21% of the population has had nothing to do with it.

    Also, where was this survey administered and to who?

    To answer your question, my girlfriend’s parents are in their 70s and use the internet to do everything from sending daily emails to vacation planning to create greeting cards.
    Also, English is my mom’s distant second language (Russian being the primary) and she is on the internet every week to pay bills.

    Arthur Freydin’s last blog post..Web Analysts Aren’t the Only Ones That Love Analytics

  • Jordan McCollum

    It’s the opposite of “If you build it, they will come”—”If you ignore it, it will go away.” 😉

  • Web Browser

    New generation is coming… Not so long to wait :-)

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  • Mobile PC

    The all of those 21% will search info with help of thiers mobile phones. Mobile web search will grow fast.

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  • Barbara Ling

    My mom has never used a computer.

    On the other hand, my 5 year old son can troubleshoot his computer when problems pop up.

    Go figure. It must be a new fashion release in the genes. :)


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  • Andy Beal

    @Barbara – too funny!

  • Musashi

    I cant imagine not using the internet. My Laptop is online 24/7 and i use the internet for every kind of research i have to do. Want to know whats on TV? I find it on the internet. Want to find an english word? (I am german speaking) => Use Google
    Want to find some facts? Google and Wikipedia are my friends.

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  • Robert

    my grandfather (85) used to use a computer every day, because he is a member of a veteran group. he had a brain bleeding (english isn't my first language), and my grandmother picked that work up, because he wasn't able to do that anymore. nowadays she doens't know how to do that either.

    Most people over 65 that i've met, have a computer, use internet and e-mail a lot, and are using social media sites, youtube, check the news online, most even have web sites. my country has the most users connected to the internet though (calculated in %, not total ammount).

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