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It’s been more than a year since the Belgian newspaper industry has been the focus of any attention, so its suing Google (again) for $77 million.

Specifically the Belgian copyright defense group Copiepresse is the one doing the suing, according to Reuters.

The dispute is over Google’s reproduction of extracts from Belgian newspapers on its search engine. Copiepresse made available to journalists a copy of a summons dated May 23 requesting damages and interest from Google.

But Andy–I hear you ask–I thought this was all resolved? Me too, but apparently not to the liking of Copiepresse.

Google had appealed the ruling but agreed at the same time to try to negotiate an agreement outside of court. Google had resumed referencing the Belgian Web sites after they changed their tagging system.

Back to the courts we go. Meanwhile, Google Maps gets a huge influx of American visitors, wondering "Where exactly is Belgium, anyway?" 😉

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  • I actually knew where it was without a map. But I grew up in Germany on a US military base just south of Kaiserslautern. Not sure we ever visited Belgium, but got pretty close going to the Netherlands.

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  • @Kate – growing up in Germany, you should know where every European country is located–no excuses! 😉