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You might want to go ahead and change the oil on your RSS reader. At 2pm ET today, we’ll publish the first batch of entries to our 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship Contest. That means you’ll see quite a few new posts hit your RSS reader. The same will happen at 2pm ET on Thursday and Friday.

I know you’ll be tempted to hit “mark all as read” but don’t touch that button. This year’s entries are top-notch and you’ll want to read each one–I promise you’ll learn something new from each of them.

Now, if you’ve entered the contest, here are few notes specifically for you.

  1. Entries will post today, Thursday, and Friday at 2pm ET.
  2. No, you won’t get an email notifying you that your entry has been posted.
  3. You’ll have 4 weeks to promote your entry, from the date it is published. So, if yours doesn’t get published until Friday, don’t panic–you still get a full 4 weeks.
  4. Do not be tempted to spam ANY service in an attempt to bring traffic to your site. If you’re planning on Digg to win you the prize, think again–last time round, Digg pretty much banned MP until after the contest had finished. Anyone found spamming, will be disqualified–no appeals!

Good luck to those who’ve entered. And “enjoy” to those who are simply reading. 🙂

  • Hi Andy, what about PPC, Press Release, and using iFrame for reference through external website?

    Asif Anwar’s last blog post..Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for PHP and Joomla

  • Good luck to all participants. All the articles are really interesting and I’m sure it will be hard to decide which entry is the best. But on the other hand it’s good for the readers as they can find new things, ideas, solutions to use in their own marketing campaigns.
    Good luck again to everyone 🙂

  • @Asif – simple rule…would you use the tactics if you were promoting the website for Apple or Coca Cola?