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By Andy Beard

When you set out to climb a mountain, or rank for a competitive keyword term, some methods are effective.

This is a simplistic look at climbing the heights of Mount Google.

Human Pyramid

A human pyramid might be suitable for those low hanging fruit, but this method is unlikely to help you scale great heights. Not only is it hard to gain great height, but the weak construction is easily eroded by competitors.

Human Pyramid
Photo credit: >S@TS<

Belay or Blogroll

Whilst exchanging blogroll links can help lift you up to a certain level, they can effectively anchor you to your peers. From an SEO point of view they are more about securing your position than lifting you higher.
If you have achieved a certain height, there is nothing wrong with pulling up a few team mates. They can then aid in a push for the summit, which can be a very lonely solo trek.

Photo credit: dfinnecy

Grappling Hook

This is the “gizmo” mindset, that specific tools can blast your website or blog to prominence, maybe as a clown from a circus cannon, or to scale the walls of the Vatican in Mission Impossible.

Whilst I am a fan of some forms of automation, and it can achieve significant results, those results are often short-lived.
Whether it is trackback and referrer spam, automated social bookmarking, directory submission software, or other quick fix, the writing is on the wall before you even start, only many are too blind to see it.

Not everyone gets a safety net, or is Ethan Hunt.

Ethan Hunt
Photo credit: Wikipedia


Teamwork is often the most effective method, especially if one member of the team is already at the top of the mountain, and can pull you up.

Being Pulled To The Top
Photo credit: JasonRogers

V.I.P. Ticket

It might not convey the same bragging rights, or sense of achievement, but if you are a “big hitter” working for a major corporation, or have plenty of funds to grease the wheels, there are faster ways to the top.

Helicopter Mountain - V.I.P Ticket
Photo credit: Photo Monkey

Highest Mountain

Don’t try to climb the highest mountain from the start, it will always end in failure. Start on lower slopes, build experience, and if possible gather together a solid team to help you scale the higher slopes of Mount Google.

Then again, who wants to be top of the mountain, and why am I writing a guest post 😉 Pull me up Andy!

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This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship contest.

  • Igor The Troll

    Ha, ha! Funny stuff! But you missed the best one!

    Troll them to the Top! Just ask my friend Adam Lasnik and he will confirm with me!

    I am serious this is not a joke!

    Igor The Troll’s last blog post..China earthquake Twitter Robert Scoble

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  • Secret Affiliate Code

    great going. Very enjoyable. Actually, visiting Andy Beard brought me here. I loved it. Thanks

  • Real Estate Blog Girl

    Ahhh, my two favorite Andy’s in one place! I am one of the “I hate your blogroll people” so I was particularly amused with the hitching yourself to your peers in a blogroll analogy. It resonates and more than anything makes me laugh. Thanks for the fun.


    Andy – the perfect climber! Shouldn’t I be saying that?


    NETBOBZ’s last blog post..Humorous joke and humor

  • Alex


    I actually followed this post from Andy looking to learn what was stolen 😀

    Nice post

    Alex’s last blog post..Explode Your Blog With Dynamic Force

  • Ed Shaz

    All your Andy are belonging to us

  • David Temple

    It is a “simplistic look” but informative and entertaining nevertheless. Way to go Andy, but shouldn’t you be asking Andy to fly you up?

    David Temple’s last blog post..Chris Winfield scores a hat trick; twittering, blogging and presenting

  • Andy Beard

    Andy’s version of flying to the top might only include a case of red bull.

    Andy Beard’s last blog post..Opt-in Accelerator Warning – Security Risk – Read This First!