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Another Google exec has decided to leave Google to join Facebook. This time it’s Elliot Schrage, VP of global communications and public affairs. He’ll become the VP of communications and public policy at Facebook. He was at Google for two years.

The funny part is how quickly he got on Facebook and started sharing the news. Like the COO hire, this is a strategic hire for Facebook as they try to follow in Google’s stock price footsteps. If enough early stage Google employees go to Facebook they just might be able to recreate that early Google startup feel.

Schrage will report to COO Sheryl Sandberg, another exec who recently left Google. Add Ben Ling (marketing) and Ethan Beard (biz dev) to the list of the departed, and it looks like people are craving that startup culture that used to be Google.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s memo to Facebook employees, written from India, started his email this way: Hey Everyone–

Then he went on to say:

“Elliot will direct our efforts to work with users, media, governments and other entities around the world to ensure that Facebook’s policies are transparent, responsive, effective and are recognized as being those things.” Translate: he will hopefully save us from bad press we’ve gotten over our privacy policies and other controversies.

  • We will see how smart these people are. I think they are wrong about Facebook’s prospects. Having seen how dominant Google has been might be leading people to think that it is much easier to succeed than it really is. It is not like you go join a “startup” and they then become Google. Much more likely you go join a startup and it goes bankrupt.

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  • Those sites are 2 worlds apart, a search engine and a community site. What happens if the employees wants to go back to google?

  • PS3

    Is there any relevance to the fact the the memo was written from India? Or have I missed that Facebook is bases there?

  • Nice! Chalk one more up for Facebook. I wonder if they’ll be able to make some money now?

  • Like the reading between the lines here…”Translate: he will hopefully save us from bad press we’ve gotten over our privacy policies and other controversies.”…Facebook is definitely in need of some damage control re privacy policies, and it does seem that this head-hunted exec is there to exercise this.