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By Kristoffer Howes

Launching your website and embarking on a search engine optimization endeavor, is much like reliving your social interactions of school; specifically your High School social life.

Your pubescent self esteem and, in this instance, the success of your website; is based upon your popularity. On the Internet, this is said to be achieved by establishing meaningful links. In the eyes of Search Engines, these act as a vote and a means of measuring your credibility, and in turn; your popularity. Kind of a, “Yeah, I know him; he’s cool!” Here is where the plot thickens.

The weight of the vote that is cast in your favor, is also measured by the popularity of the person (website) giving it. Let me give you an example. Everyone in the Geography Club may say that they all know you and you’re really great; however that is unlikely to boost your overall popularity in school. Make no mistake, every little bit helps. Especially when the Football and Swim Teams start to hear your name often; and begin to recognize you on their own. The Football and Swim Teams representing Search Engines and Directories, of course.

Fear not, there are other more rapid means of increasing your popularity; than the traditional, “word of mouth”.

A) Throw a party! Send out invitations to the popular people and ask them to come visit you. This is known as a Search Engine hand submission. You must take the time to individually submit your website to the most popular Search Engines and Directories; inviting them to come and “crawl yo’ crib”.

I bet you have heard how High School kids love parties; especially the popular kids. Before inviting your guests, make certain that your hair is done right, you have no pimples and there is plenty to do when everyone gets there. This is known as rich, meaningful content; not to be confused with streamers and balloons.

Be aware, popular people always have something better to do. At any moment they might realize that you don’t have what they are looking for, and they’ll move on to the next invitation. The best that you can hope for is that they will stay long enough to get to know you.

B) This brings us to the facade of the High School image. Trying to be what everyone else wants you to be. In an effort to become more popular, some students will pretend to be something they are not. Remember Mathew Pewter and his giant white donkey, streaking the grade 9 assembly? A deceitful practice with embarrassing consequences; both in High School and cyberspace. Search Engines may not be able to read, but they certainly can recognize. If your clothes, or lack thereof, and image (meta tags) don’t reflect what is truly inside (website content); the smart and popular people will see through it and leave you alone. What’s worse? They’ll tell everyone they know. Do not pretend to be something you are not. If you do and get caught; it will be a long time before even your friends come by to visit.

Here is the short version;

  1. Before you go to your first day (launch) of school (Internet), decide specifically the type of person (website) you are.
  2. When you get to school (Internet), be that person (website) from day 1.
  3. Tell everyone you meet on purpose or by accident; who you are and what you are about (meta tags keywords and description).
  4. Who the popular people (Search Engines and Directories)?
  5. Fine tune your image, plan a party and send out invitations (hand submissions) to the popular people (Search Engines and Directories).
  6. No balloons and streamers; rich meaningful Kegs…oops, I mean content.
  7. Never pretend to be something you are not.

See you in the sandbox.

This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship contest.