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I feel like I’m trying to sell something, but it’s true. Google is running a promotion to encourage people to try Google TV Ads. Details below…

Google TV Ads is out of beta after almost a year. As part of Google AdWords, you can run and track the results of television ads. At first glance the two concepts seem incongruent – online advertising and tv ads.

However, people watch tv and then go online to search, edit Wikipedia articles, go to web sites, and yes, buy products. An iProspect study said 37% of TV watchers go to search engines based on what they see in an ad. It’s also important because your online marketing and offline marketing campaigns should complement each other.

The best part of Google TV Ads is that you can target them. You can show them nationally or locally. You choose the times of day and the stations. And you can test to see how they do. For small businesses it will remove a lot of risk and make the option more affordable (as with Spotrunner).

Google’s least expensive option is 500,000 to 1 million weekly impressions for $150 per day. Depending on your industry you can buy more or less impressions for the same price.

The only drawback is – you have to make your own tv ad – a little more formidable than writing one.
But Google is coming to the rescue. If you choose one of the providers in their Ad Creation Marketplace, they’ll reimburse your spend up to $2,000. You’ll receive a credit in your Google TV Ads advertising account after it airs. It has to air before June 30, 2008.

* The catch is you have to run your campaign for at least 4 consecutive weeks and spend an average of $2,000 per week.

This is so cutting edge. “And then there’s the future. Expect TV advertising to become more and more interactive, so that it’s not just marketing campaigns that are integrated – but the actual ad is a mashup of TV + Web.”

This could get creative. Make sure to save a copy of your ad for YouTube. Oh, and if you try it out, let us know how it goes.

  • Don

    This is not the only promo Google is doing for traditional media. They have a huge print promo where they’ll credit your account up to $25,000 for every dollar you spend. So, if you can get $50,000 of print advertising for $25,000.

    Don’t believe me? Check out the promo page for additional details and to sign up.

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  • That’s a pretty nice incentive. It’s something that may get a lot of small and medium businesses to take a chance on Google TV ads

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  • Loved the targeted TV ads idea. If I had a nickle for every time I saw an ad that read at the bottom “this advertisement is only to be aired in Colombia”. Side note: I don’t live in Colombia.

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  • Creative way to attract more users. I’m sure it will work because of the big incentive.

  • So you have to still spend $6,000.. A little high huh?

  • PS3

    A million impressions for $1000 doesn’t sound that bad in the grand scheme of things. You presumably have to pay for someone to put the ad together though?

  • “An iProspect study said 37% of TV watchers go to search engines based on what they see in an ad.”. Not surprising. Very smart of Google to create incentive to try and drive this program.

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  • this kind of creativity is what’s lacking in yahoo and microsoft

  • This seems to be a new start in the advertising world. Imagine ads open for the big world of television. If it clicks it should work wonders.

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