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Google Annual Shareholder Meeting – CliffsNotes Version

If you’re not a fan of Google-related news, you might want to turn away now (we’ll tell you when it’s safe to resume reading).

<Google Overload>

Google held its annual shareholders meeting yesterday and discussed lots of topics. Here are the Pilgrim’s CliffsNotes:

Yahoo: "Excited to be working with them…They were under a hostile attack and we wanted to make sure they had as many options as possible."

YouTube: New ad products in development that are neither pre-roll or post-roll.

Microsoft: "Microsoft is a very large competitor across all facets of Google for many reasons. Applications. Search. Advertising, display. Microsoft is well-funded, clever, smart, and they have a lot of advantages nobody else has."

Microsoft/Yahoo Deal: "Obviously we’re happy it didn’t happen..Had the merger gone through, we would actually have had to have a meeting about it… have a campaign against the merger."

Clearwire/WiMax Investment: "Having more competition in that space is good. And having more end-user services that need high-speed."

Economy: "There’s been no change in the impact of the economy on our business."

Finding New CFO: "…usually takes a year…we’re picky."

Shareholder Proposals: voted down regarding censorship on the Internet and human-rights issues in countries that Google does business in. Co-founder Sergey Brin abstained from voting on the proposals, saying he agreed with their spirit. "Directionally, the two proposals are correct," Brin told 200 shareholders in the audience.

</Google Overload>

  • Jayson

    I’m interested to see what ad products they introduce in You Tube. Hopefully, it’s a success and an innovation.

  • Sean Maguire

    One word – “This is a very cool tool!” Note to self – must work on brevity. ;)

  • Eva White

    Google usually doen’t come up with half baked ideas so i guess we should see some interesting developments.

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  • Prosperity Writer

    so google became yahoo’s savior not microsoft after all