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Google Reader iPhoneBy Sean Maguire

How do you make an already good product better? You jazz it up and slap it on an iPhone, that’s how. Google did just that in releasing the Beta version of Google Reader for Apple’s iPhone.

Google leverages the functionality of the iPhone to give users a better experience by offering many of the features of the desktop version. Scan, Tap & Read – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Starring, sharing, and keeping unread are done in place, so you never have to leave the list view or refresh the page; Google Reader allows you to power through your reading list at lightning speed.

To check it out, visit the Google Reader website on your iPhone or just head to the Google Reader blog. As always, your comments are appreciated. Let us know what you think of the new interface.

About Sean Maguire.

Sean Maguire is the Founder and Managing Partner for 360SELL, Inc., an Austin, TX based internet sales and marketing consulting firm. Sean has over 20 years experience working with venture funded startups through Fortune 500 industry leaders.

  • I just happened to find the ‘mobile’ reader last night while looking over some blogs on my iPhone. So far, I really like the usability of the reader and that I have a few more options, like actually being able to get to my starred items. So far, so good.

  • @Hope – Glad to hear you’re having a good user experience. I’ve been using an AT&T 8525 and it’s like a brick. Have been thinking about converting to the iPhone for awhile. I think this was the last little push I needed.

  • Google know way to go – mobile services.

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