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I know you’re used to reading 10, 20, and 101-step articles for online reputation management, but when it comes to hotels and local businesses, just one step could save your reputation.

That one step?

Don’t let the customer leave your premises unhappy.

I know, sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet, so few companies take the time to ensure that their customers’ have enjoyed a pleasant experience, service, or stay. Simply asking them if they’re happy, is the easiest way to remedy a complaint, before they open up their web browser and head for TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Feeling ambitious? Want to know a precurser to the one step?

Influence their perception before they experience it. Take a look at the "guest card" waiting for me upon entering a recent hotel room for the first night.

Not only did the Bellevue Club Hotel inform me of their #1 hotel rating, but they influenced my opinion by suggesting that I would feel the same way. They even gave me the URL and email address, so I could share my opinion. With studies showing that 52% of us trust the opinion of "a person like yourself"–in this case, other hotel guests–any Bellevue guest will likely believe that they too should have a great experience.

Not letting your customers leave your premises unhappy is step number one. Influence their opinion when they first arrive, and you’ll have even fewer unhappy customers to worry about. 😉

  • Excellent marketing tip. I haven’t encountered that myself in hotels, but wow, it makes a lot of sense.

    People like having their expectations set…and then matched or exceeded. The wise company/marketer always creates content/products/marketing with that in mind.

    Best wishes, Barbara

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  • Great idea to tell the customer up front how good you are. Selective perception will do most of the rest. After all our brains try to minimize contradictions and will see things more positive.