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Do you know how illusionists make that cute bunny disappear? They distract your eyes with something else, so you don’t notice what’s going on.

Cue Yahoo “Copperfield” with its attempt to make Carl Icahn disappear by distracting you with the good news about a partnership it just formed with mega-ad agency WPP.

In a statement, the companies said that as part of the deal, WPP advertising agencies would, through its 24/7 Real Media arm, develop a proprietary advertising media trading platform that takes advantage of Yahoo’s Right Media exchange.

In addition, WPP will work with Yahoo to create a WPP marketplace giving its ad agencies a new place to spend their client’s ad budgets.

  • The biggest loser if Icahn takes over the Yahoo board to sell to Microsoft is the consumer.

    Yahoo has a sizable developer community. It also vowed recently to open up even more to the developer community with products such as search monkey:

    Basically, Yahoo will never be able to out-Google Google, so they figured by opening up their platforms they could get better work out of the developer community than they could internally. It’s really not a bad plan.

    If Microsoft buys Yahoo, any chance of Google having competition will be over. MSN always seemed to lag behind and even copy Google’s search engine technology. Unlike Google, Microsoft doesn’t have the focus on search technology that Google has. I just don’t see this being good for anyone but Microsoft and its share holders.

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