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Kobe Bryant jumps over a car (an Aston Martin)!

By Mike Morabito

Did you see it? I feel like I was there when it happened.

As we begin watching the YouTube video Kobe Bryant (the best basketball player in the game) puts on his shoes and against advice of his friend standing near by he gets into position to jump over a moving Aston Martin car that is speeding in his direction.

As you hear the car’s engine off screen begin to roar your heart starts to beat as you get pulled into the action. Kobe who is staring at the car off screen speeding in his direction with a fixed gaze is ready in jumping position then the doubts begin to fill our mind as the car races toward the current NBA MVP who is prepping himself to jump. Every moment as we watch the engine gets louder and louder before finally at the last moment the Aston Martin comes into view right before he jumps over the car as it passes under him. Amazing, he did it! Kobe Bryant really jumped over a moving car!

The friend in the video who had advised Kobe against the stunt before he did it is now giving high fives and chest bumping to the NBA star and now stunt man, before Kobe finally says those wonderful words of advertising viral video bliss “Hyper Dunks! March 31st, 2008!”

The beauty of the commercial described above was Nike’s intention of the video to make it feel like it was just a video shot by Kobe and some of his friends. Of course the goal of the video was to make it a viral video which would spread from person-to-person across the internet and was a great success in that regard. But this type of video has a larger message about how to find an audience to follow you online.

That is that people must be reached where they are at with the content that they want to experience. In this video you see Kobe talking directly to the camera, making you feel as though you are there with them. The video speaks to current direction the web is heading in general towards more and more conversation and experience.

I feel like Kobe really did jump over a speeding Aston Martin.

Content that Connects

While it is pretty clear to most that the Kobe stunt never actually happened but because the video used a medium (YouTube) that spoke to the audience rather than at them it was far more effective than many other online campaigns could’ve been for Nike. In addition the same is needed for your websites, ads, and web content (in general). You need to move towards two way conversations and away from individual statements.

You can use all types of keyword tools and get your site higher rankings and more traffic but if you don’t have content that connects as conversation than it is ineffective. The Kobe Bryant video connects people to an experience (to a story) of an amazing feat. You can connect your content to your community too.

4 Steps to Connect your Content:

  1. Always tell a story. Stories have always played important roles in connecting with someone’s heart – they open the mind to new possibilities but also relate to real life senarios. If your content doesn’t tell a story people won’t read it.
  2. Always include your audience in the story. Don’t speak at them; speak to them like they really matter. Real people read your site and are in some way looking for a connection with you, you must be real with them. Your greatest personal brand is yourself and what you know.
  3. Always include content that connects with you. Share what you care about. Have you ever been in love? Was it easy to talk about him/her to others?
  4. Always think of your audience as part of your community (friends) rather than as page views or potential customers. Friends aren’t always selling each other stuff but when friends recommend something that recommendation normally takes on an infinitely higher value than the messages of advertisers. If you talk to them as friends and make people feel included in the discussion then they are more likely to buy what your selling.

Your Connection + Your Content = A Community

The best SEO advice that can be given is that best tools that you have to achieve great results are already in your mind. Only you can contribute the content that you’re capable of. I believe that each person is given by God a set of passions and desires for a reason and that you can write/talk/connect with others on an infinitely higher level on those topics that you love than those topics that you don’t care about. Make the effort to talk about what you love, and you will have more quality content and quantity of content to offer your community online.

An old interview technique is to try to steer the conversation towards something that you love talking about because it makes you forget your fears and enjoy the conversation. Similarly to reach the tipping point where a site or blog gets much broader appeal isn’t a just a matter of asking technical questions (like is my site being crawled enough times in the day or do I have enough keywords on the page) but rather questions of the heart need to be asked. Because normally the heart of the matter is the heart of matter and if you are able to release your passions people will either become passionate to or a community of passionate people will find you.

Get to work on sharing what you’d love to do for work.

This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship contest.