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Okay, let’s face it. Your attention span hasn’t improved since this morning and neither has mine. So here’s the afternoon’s news in bite-sized pieces so you can leave for your vacation guilt free.

Now go enjoy yourselves!

  • I wonder what implications that that first link has for Wikipedia…

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  • Wow, are people ever skeptical. So 86% of of people think that half or less of the information they get online is unreliable. I have to wonder what kind of sites most people are hanging around in. It’s not that bad.

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  • Shoudl be interesting to see what the new Facebook latout looks like I have been waiting to get a hold of a better profile page for what seems like forever now.

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  • As a web developer I know that we are always looking for the angle to sell a website but lying about the information is not on, so few people actually believing about the information they read is crazy. I guess thats why when we find a site that we really like we will continuously coming back, like this site, I believe almost everything that you write as you have built your credibility.

  • Intersting post, Well this is my first time visiting this website and must say it has good content worth sticking…. let me read a few other posts and will definatly be back for more.

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  • It is reassuring about the Internet but what is the source for the stats?

  • I downloaded the AOL data once, and worked around with it, doing some statistics and whatnots… however 95% of the data or so was for english based queries, and the rest for all other languages… Since my target market is spanish based, that data proved useless to me… but I know many have profited greatly from that blunder… 😉

  • I hope this doesn’t mean that people believe what CNN dishes up….lol

  • Yes, unfortunately they do believe it. Why to you think they keep dishing it up?

    Top Rated’s last blog post..My Six Word Memoir

  • Most people tend to recheck the information that they get off the net. Usually its only the preliminary information that they get from there anyway.

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