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Ten brownie points to anyone who can make up a great song about Linky Goodness!

  • Don’t worry, this one has pretty pictures. You know, if regression lines and scatterplots count as pretty. Why Don’t We Read on the Web?
  • Google says goodbye, you say, “Hello? What was that?” Picasa’s photo sharing service, to be discontinued on the 15th.
  • Poor Stacey. Once upon a time, she had all the guys going after her. Yeah, well, you know what happens with you have a crush on every boy: “Where have all of Yahoo’s Plan Bs gone?” AOL, MySpace and possibly even Google may not be interested now that Brad Microsoft’s not.
  • In case you were wondering: How To Get Your Images Out Of Google’s SafeSearch Filter. Please use your powers for good, or for awesome—but never for evil.
  • Sad but true: Facebook has all of our personal data and they still can’t show us a decent ad. (No, Facebook, seeing as I’ve told you that am a married woman, I do not want to meet singles!) Of course, if they really used those powers for awesome, we’d all complain about them invading our privacy by actually, y’know, looking at all that data that we’ve freely given them.
  • Microsoft is still very much in the picture, mark my words. Just give it a little more time. Some fantastic poker playing going on here.

  • Good list, I really like the link “Why Don’t We Read on the Web”. It makes good points and lots of graphs and math.

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