Posted May 6, 2008 11:02 am by with 6 comments

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…or at least the company appears to be sporting a new look for its search engine.

What do you think? A superficial facelift to win some pride after backing out from Yahoo or perhaps a sign of renewed effort from Microsoft?

UPDATE: The Live Search team explain the details of the new design.

  • a little bit of both i suppose. i don’t really use live search but the new design looks to bare to me.

  • To much of white space, i think.

  • I do think that this must have been going on for sometime before all the ruckus. I also believe that the lull is before a storm.

  • Usually Microsoft is a little quicker to emulate (read copy) their competition. It took them 5 years to just dupe Google’s homepage this time.

    Terry Howard’s last blog post..More Lame Biz Stock

  • Probably so that it loads much faster! It’s almost blank.

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