Microsoft’s Yahoo Rebound; Now Looking to Marry Facebook?

According to sources close to the company, for example, Microsoft’s bankers had been putting out subtle signals to Facebook to see if it would be open to a full buyout.

Wow! What do you say about a rumor of that magnitude?

"On the rebound" comes to mind.

Remember when you were 13 years old–some of us need to think hard–and you had a crush on someone? It felt like a love that would never, ever go away. Then two days later, you had a new obsession.

Yeah, Microsoft’s that 13 year old looking for love.

I know, I know. I just flew back from Redmond, so you’d think I’d cut Microsoft some slack–and I will before I end this post–but, if true, how can you not compare the company to a teenager with puppy-love angst?

Facebook is already wearing Microsoft’s ring–the company recently invested $240 million in the social network–but the timing is just too strange. Ten minutes ago, Yahoo was the company that was going to solve all Microsoft’s problems. Now it’s Facebook?

OK, a reminder. This is just a rumor, and Microsoft has promised us it plans on staying single for the near future.

Despite my own personal sense that Facebook has already peaked, Microsoft could at least earn some "cool" points by acquiring the company. And Facebook–by selling a share to MSFT already–has shown that it at least feels some synergy with the company.

What do you think? Would a Facebook acquisition be a good move?


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