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What blogs or sites do journalists visit most often? A study from Brodeur and Marketwire sought to find the most popular and credible sites. They measured the influence of social media on these topics: politics, healthcare, lifestyle, technology, and travel.

Here are some basic findings of the study:

If you’re a technology reporter, you’re most likely to blog as part of your job description.

47 percent of all technology reporters and over one-third (38 percent) of political reporters said they blog.

While journalists generally like social media, they believe they’ve taken down the quality and accuracy of reporting.

67 percent of reporters who cover lifestyle issues believe social media has a negative on accuracy and 64 percent say it lowers the quality of reporting.

Top Sites for Journalists

Lifestyle Journalists

This is only out of 10 sites – but the top 3 were TMZ, Perez Hilton, and MSN Lifestyle. They read these sites, but the sites that became most credible include: MSN Lifestyle, AOL Living, and TMZ.

Political Journalists

The most popular of 10 sites were: Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics, Talking Points Memo, and Daily Kos. The most credible sites were Huffington Post and Daily Kos.

Tech Journalists

The top sites for technology reporters include: Engadget, Gizmodo, and Boing Boing. As for credibility, they ranked Arstechnica, GigaOm, and Engadget tops.

Travel Journalists

Tripadvisor and Frommers were top sites for this group, but they don’t visit the sites very often. Very few of the top 10 sites tested were visited on a daily or weekly basis. Most credible include: Frommers, Forbes Traveler, and Travel Channel.

Healthcare Journalists

They prefer NIH, WebMD, Mayo Clinic and MSN Health. And apparently, not much else. As far as credibility NIH and Mayo were seen as most credible.

Approximately 3,500 email invitations were sent per “beat.” 101 technology journalists, 92 lifestyle journalists, 119 healthcare journalists, 70 travel journalists, and 69 political journalists responded.

  • John

    “The most credible sites were Huffington Post and Daily Kos.”

    Did you not read the article or are you just plain biased? HuffPo and Kos are 2 of the most far-left political sites on the web and are far from credible. Besides, you misquoted the article…

    For people on the left, this kind of stuff is all too common. But hey, facts don’t matter to the leftist agenda.

    Read what it actually says…

    “Real Clear Politics and Talking Points Memo, scored highest among political journalists in the category of “very credible” content. Nearly half (46%) and over one-third (39%) said their content was “very credible.””

  • John,
    Thanks for your comment. I wasn’t taking any political sides. I simply summarized the popular blogs for each category.

    The report says Huffington Post and Daily Kos “topped the list.” They noted that “two-thirds of reporters saying their content was very or somewhat credible.”

    So the majority of the people who responded (over 66%) thought those were credible sites. In other words, they agreed. There were other sites that were more credible but not as many respondents agreed.

    Maybe the type of journalist to answer an email survey are the types of journalists who are more left-leaning.

    Either way, it’s interesting to note what blogs journalists read most.


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