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The devil is in the details and sometimes it is easy to overlook opportunity even when it is staring you right in the face. Thankfully not everyone misses the obvious opportunities to take advantage of the hard work they have already done.

Andy Beard has an excellent nearly step-by-step explanation as well as links to a video, from Stomper Net made by Andy Jenkins, showing how to take an existing Google listing and work to get an indented listing to go along with it.

In short here is what Andy says to do and it is so simple as to be comical when you really think about it but it is amazing how many people donโ€™t take the time to do this or even know how.

  • Get one page indexed and ranking
  • Write a second post linking to the first (which will also then trackback to the second page)
  • Use the same primary keyword in both posts

Andy also tells how to use Tags to accomplish the same thing. Now the great thing about this technique is that it is useful for more than just the SEO crowd. No matter what type of site you are running of what type of online marketing you are doing if it revolves around search engine rankings then you can and should be using this technique to take advantage of those hard-earned search engine listings and make them even more valuable.

In his article Andy does a nice job of pointing out potential opportunities for A list bloggers as well as making it clear anyone can and should be leveraging techniques like this one to get more bang for their buck on every search listing that is driving them traffic. I am sure few more warning sirens went off, because to efficiently use this technique it means site owners also need to not only have quality analytics but also be using the data to affect change.

Tips like these are great and hopefully remind all internet marketers that just when you think you have accomplished your goals a little more effort and awareness can often help you achieve additional success. I strongly encourage everyone to go on over and read Andyโ€™s entire post.

So tell me how many readers are actively using this technique?