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What with all of the scholarship entries hitting our blog this week, I thought I’d condense the news today, and leave you more time to read the fantastic entries.

Besides, I have an embarrassing admission to make. Marketing Pilgrim is just not set up to handle lots of blog posts. You see, the site is built on a messaging system, not a content management system. As such, we just can’t scale to so many blog posts, without lots of downtime, slow updates, and lots of blue birds flying around. 😛 (for those of you not getting the joke, head here).

On to today’s Picks:

  • Speaking of Twitter, the company is answering a lot of your questions. Including the one referenced above "why Twitter was written as a content management system and not a messaging system."
  • Local Web Ad Spending to Hit $13 Billion in 2008, up 50 Percent, says ClickZ.
  • There’s good news for RSS advertising, CPM rates are creeping up. OK, good news if you’re a publisher, bad news for the actual advertisers. 😉
  • Google wants to expand its search offering to, well, just about everything. That includes helping you find the sock that went missing in the laundry.
  • While RipOff Report is busy encouraging you to complain about businesses, wants to help consumers and businesses sit around a fire and sing "kumbaya."
  • Want to sell those blogroll links? BlogRolled is a new service that lets publisher do just that! It looks like all links pass jus de Google, so I’m sure Matt Cutts will want to take a look. 😉
  • I’ve been testing a very cool new online tool: It allows your customers to leave feedback and feature requests, which you can then review and act on–or not. You can see mine in action here. Get three months service for free when you use the code: bloggerinv08.
  • hey Andy,

    Now we’re feeling the love! thanks so much for the plug. We hope you’re getting a lot out of using SuggestionBox and if anybody has any questions feel free to connect with me:
    bj at suggestionbox dot com

    honored to be on MP,

  • Hi Andy,

    We also thank you for the inclusion in Pilgrim’s Picks! just launched a couple of days ago, but we’re already pleased with the response. Questions can be forwarded to

    Thanks again

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