Posted May 13, 2008 9:52 am by with 1 comment

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A new Twitter application has been launched called StrawPoll, which offers Twitter users the ability to poll and monitor their followers.


The application can be found at and is now available to all Twitter users.

StrawPoll works with the Twitter API to offer your followers not only the poll question you would like answered, but also a shortened URL to a page where users can answer the poll more in-depth.

Followers can simply vote by replying to the person they follow with the number that represents the answer:

Are you currently reading a book: Yes (1) or No (2) ?

@dsnyder <1>

Or you can also add a reply:

Are you currently reading a book: Yes (1) or No (2) ?

@dsnyder <1><I am reading Andy Beal’s Radically Transparent>

StrawPoll runs its own daily polls if you would like to see it in action. Simply follow @strawpoll, answer the question, and visit the site to monitor the results.

StawPoll’s Dan Romero stated:

“In the next month or so we are planning to add multi-answer polls and some basic social networking features. “


The use of this poll service for marketers is obvious as Twitter grows in relevance in the social network space. It gives us a real time information gathering platform that will allow us to make quick polling and maneuvers in the Internet space. Many Twitter users are already running polls without the add of applications, and apps like StrawPoll will only help to filter and monitor the signal.