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Sanford Wallace, aka “Spam King,” or “Spamford” – a notorious spam king – is finally paying for all that spam. Wallace is president of Cyber Promotions and now he and his partner have the distinction of getting one of largest anti-spam judgments. The court has ruled that they owe MySpace about $230 million in damages.

U.S. District Judge Audrey B. Collins in Los Angeles ruled in MySpace’s favor Monday. Sanford Wallace and Walter Rines did not show up for the court hearing.

While MySpace may never actually see the money, they hope that it will deter other spammers. Because, obviously you can make a lot of money off spamming and even if you get caught still get to keep the money.

Wallace was responsible for sending 30 million junk e-mails a day in the 1990s and was sued by leading Internet service providers (ISPs) like AOL. In 2006 he had a $4 million federal judgment against him for spyware.

Wallace stole passwords to MySpace accounts and automatically emailed the friends recommending another web site or video. When they got to the new site the company made money from ads or affiliate deals.

What’s next for Wallace? A few years ago he moved to Vegas (good choice) and his numbers are unlisted. Here’s my favorite line: “There was no telephone listing for Wallace in the Las Vegas area, to which he moved in 2004 to pursue night club promotion work.”

“Collins awarded the amounts sought by MySpace: $157.4 million jointly against Rines and Wallace and an additional $63.4 million against Rines under CAN-SPAM — plus $1.5 million more against the pair under California’s anti-phishing law and $4.7 million in attorneys fees. MySpace said it was entitled to another $3 million from Rines and Wallace under a different section of CAN-SPAM.”

Next up for MySpace: they are going after another high profile spammer, Scott Richter.

  • I wonder if they will go after anyone who actually can pay the damages for not only an example but payment.

  • Spammers are still better of than they are in Russia. Every now and then they simply get shot. I would have thought that majority of spam would come from smaller individuals anyway, Myspace might not even bother with.

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  • Why does this guy get to slide? He should be pennyless and homeless for life. Credit card companies can completely destroy a honest man’s credit yet you can do this type of thing and have nothing happen to you. Only in America.

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  • Jim

    Hey Jaan I’m with you. What sort of country are we running here!!?

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  • WOW – I haven’t heard about this and find it somewhat surprising. That’s a lot of money and 30 million/day what a busy guy.

  • It is really time to find a solution for the spam problem. I get 100-200 spam emails every day, fortunately my spam-filter takes care of most.
    But nowadays email is no longer a reliable medium. Too many legit emails get caught in the filters.
    I think it is time for a new email-format with secure and reliable communication without spammers.

  • Janet, a perfect environment for a new identity based, 100% secure, no file size limit, send anything, communication platform.

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