Posted May 15, 2008 11:33 am by with 8 comments

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In internet marketing circles, there are a handful of names that pretty much everyone should recognize; Danny Sullivan, Dr. Ralph Wilson, and Larry Chase are among them.

What? You’ve never heard of Larry Chase?

That might be understandable, if you only ever get your marketing insight via blogs–Larry Chase doesn’t have a blog. But, if you’re open to receiving an old-fashioned email newsletter, then you’ll find weekly treats and advice in his weekly Web Digest For Marketers publication.

In particular, you’d know the 12 hottest internet marketing trends for the next 3 years, which include:

1. Mobile eCommerce Picks Up Speed

4. Transparency Marketing

6. Social Networking Goes Mobile

9. Internet Media Pricing Affects Offline Media Pricing

You’d also know that Trackur is one of Larry’s hot social media marketing resources, calling it "Google Alerts on Steroids." (thanks Larry!)

There are few email newsletters that are worth the time, but Larry Chase’s is definitely one you should be reading.