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I’ve wanted tell you about TinEye for a few days now, but I’ve been swamped this week.

Then I figured out you’d probably prefer to see the demo by Amber Mac anyway.

Don’t want to watch the video. Here’s the elevator pitch:

TinEye uses image identification technology. You give it an image to search for and TinEye shows you where and how that image appears all over the web – even if it has been altered. The technology behind TinEye is Idée’s advanced image identification algorithms that identify images without the use of any meta-data or watermarks. TinEye literally does for images what Google does for text.

I know there are other companies working on similar technology, but hat’s off to TinEye for realizing you need to get the word out, then worry about perfection.

  • Maybe my mind has already gone home for the weekend, but what is the point of searching for an image using an image I already have? If I had the image to start with, I wouldn’t be searching for it. Can someone give me a situation where this would be useful?

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  • @Paul – reputation monitoring, trademark infringement, finding the dress Angelina Jolie wore in People magazine at an online store (maybe not you personally, for the last one). 😉

  • This is pretty sweet. Other than the few things you mentioned above, I can’t think of any other uses but I’m sure several will pop up – thanks for the info.

  • That is increadible.
    I just wonder who will come up with the first way to abuse the technology 😛

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  • Just out of curiosity, am I right in saying that Idee hired Amber MacArthur as a spokeswoman?

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  • @Darren – not sure of the arrangement, I suspect they just hired her for the video demo.

  • There are the same services for people images search.

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