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“They say the women treat you fine on Broadway But lookin’ at them just gives me the blues”.

“On Broadway”, George Benson

I can’t help but think that Philip J. Smith, President of The Shubert Organization must be singing those words from jazz legend George Benson’s hit song – On Broadway.

Imagine this. Over a period of 100 years (since 1900), generations put their heart and soul into building the oldest, largest and most well-respected theatre company on Broadway. As President, you are well known throughout the theatre industry as a man of integrity and class.

Suddenly, in one fell swoop, you go from “toast of the town”, to just plain – toast.

Such was the case when Smith’s scorned, soon-to-be ex-wife, Tricia-Walsh Smith decided to take her divorce case to the people’s court (aka YouTube).

Walsh-Smith released her first, now famous video over one month ago. In the six minute rant, she covers everything from her and her husband’s “non-sex” life, to some of Mr. Smith’s personal belongings, including – viagra, condoms and porn. She goes so far as to contact his assistant asking what she should do with them – all captured live on video for the viewing public.

Since then, Walsh-Smith has released three more videos. Combined, they have received over 3,500,000 views online. Despite significant opposition to her tactics from the general public, in her most recent video Walsh-Smith pleads with her empathetic viewers to donate through PayPal to support her cause. She rants: “I’m going to form a foundation called Women Warriors of the World United. I’m going to help other women in my position . . . because united we stand, divided we fall!”

Regardless of whether or not you find Walsh-Smith’s approach distasteful, the fact is – she continues to deliver severe blows to the reputation of Philip Smith and by association – The Shubert Organization.

So, where am I headed with this?

To quote Marketing Pilgrim’s Andy Beal – “Every single day, someone, somewhere is discussing something important to your business; your brand, your executives, your competitors, your industry. Are they hyping-up your company, building buzz for your products? Or, are they criticizing your service, complaining to others about your new product launch. A great brand can take months, if not years, and millions of dollars to build. It should be the thing you hold most precious.”

Although extreme, this case is just one example of how you and your brand can be subject to attack. In a world where anyone armed with just a computer and a webcam can inflict irreversible damage, it’s critical to be mindful about the way you treat people – whether family, friends, customers, employees, competitors, etc. Something to think about.

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  • Wow – you pimped two of my offerings without me having to twist your arm! Thanks!

  • He should feel lucky that his name is Phil Smith instead of something more unique.

  • Slander? Defamation of character? Invasion of privacy? lol WOW

    Then again I believe it’s not actually slander or defamation unless it’s not true. The highly emotional style of spinning may be a gray area, though!

    Sounds similar to what went on with the founder of wikipedia’s girlfriend. I believe she found out they’d broken up via the site and in turn went on TV to hyper her auctioning of his stuff that he’d left with her. Crazy world. I’m sure there’s legislation in the works to handle all this, though 😉

    Wolf Nibori’s last blog post..Our Two Year Anniversary!

  • Never get a Blogger angry. Don’t you know Bloggers have more power than corporations.

    Just ask Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik they will vouch for this!

    Would you want to have Loren Feldman on your side or against you?

  • Is this nothing more than another gold digger?

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Steve Ballmer Egged At Hungarian University

  • @Andy – Hey – people have a reputation to protect!

    @Todd – You’re right. On the other hand, a search for “Philip Smith Shubert” nets 5 negative SERP results on Google’s first page.

    @Wolf – Pretty crazy stuff. I don’t think she’s done anything illegal either, but it sure sounds like someone gave her a lesson in keyword research “viagra, condoms, porn” – she hit the trifecta with that one!

    @Igor – “Never get a blogger angry” – Words to live by for sure. 😉

    @Jaan – No comment, for fear of reprisal. 😉

  • Oh here she comes
    Watch out boy shell chew you up
    Oh here she comes
    Shes a man-eater

    CT Moore’s last blog post..Publishers Loose Out with CPM Ads

  • Let us take the moral of the story bit to its logical conclusion. Someone can damage your reputation, so be squeaky clean. If you can not be squeaky clean, be ready to battle! No wonder a lot of men that I know, do not want to get married!

  • The Golden Viral Trifecta of Tube Traffic, Sean, that’s what we’ll call it. GVT3 because all things need acronyms in the blogging world, ri?

    So then there it is.. the success upon which built their empire! haha

    Wolf Nibori’s last blog post..Terror Track Tuesday #1: Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie