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November 4th Update: We’ve added a widget so you can track the results as they come in:

The 2008 US Presidential Election truly represents the first time the Internet will push a specific candidate “over the top” and on to the glory of being endlessly criticized by the public, roasted on SNL and all of the other wonderful benefits that come with the office.

So, why am I predicting guaranteeing that Barack Obama will reign supreme (thanks to you no less)? Because you represent one of the record-breaking 46% of Americans that have used the internet, email or cell phone text messaging to get news about the campaigns, share your views and mobilize others. Guess which candidate is the most savvy in online politics? Can you say Barack Obama?

Consider these political race related internet statistics:

35% of Americans say they have watched online political videos–a figure that nearly triples the reading the Pew Internet Project got in the 2004 race.

10% say they have used social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to gather information or become involved. This especially applies to younger voters: two-thirds of internet users under the age of 30 have a social networking profile, and half use social networking sites to get or share information about the campaigns.

6% of Americans have made political contributions online during the primaries, versus 2% during the entire 2004 campaign.

39% of have used the internet to access campaign materials; including videos of candidate debates, speeches, announcements, position papers and speech transcripts.

In a true showing of the impact Barack Obama is having, 12% of online 18-29 year olds have posted their own political commentary or writing to an online newsgroup, website or blog. To whom do you think the majority profess their allegiance? You guessed it – Barack Obama.

Still not convinced? Check out these primary statistics:

74% of wired Obama supporters received political news and information online, compared with 57% of online Clinton supporters.

Versus John McCain, Obama’s backers are more likely to get political news and information online (65% vs. 56%).

Obama supporters outpace both Clinton and McCain supporters in their usage of online video, social networking sites and other online campaign activities.

When you consider everything, no matter how you slice it and dice it, in today’s internet world, Barack Obama appears wired in for victory.

What say you Pilgrims?

Full Disclosure – I happen to be a registered Republican, so please don’t misconstrue this as a Marketing Pilgrim endorsement for Barack Obama. It’s not.

  • I’m running out and didn’t read the post (I will later) – but I agree with the title 100% – he’ll win hands down.

  • novaqt

    Look, I wouldn’t be so sure of yourself. There are plenty of people who are not Obama supporters who are on the internet. None of you have a clue about what it takes to lead this country much less any country. Obama is only 6% Black, 50% White and the rest 42% Arab. What are his leadership accomplishments? What does he know about Foreign Affairs? Economy? Its a known fact that Democrats do not provide jobs so you have control over your own life. They only know how to raise taxes on the very companies which provide jobs. When taxes go up, jobs go down. The so-caled Facebook and MySpace junkies who think they are going to elect Obama. Will suffer the consequences when you graduate and cannot find a job. This is what happens when Democrats are in control. Socialized medicine, you say? Well socialized medicine kills people due to lack of being able to see a doctor in a timely fashion. Is that what you want? You want to put your parents and grandparents on socialized medicine? Doctors will leave the business in droves, since they will not be able to make a decent living to support their own families. We will be left with sub-standard health care. Is that what you want. I guess the good thing will be that there will no longer be a need for third world immigrants to come to America to better themselves, because it will be much more prosperous to live and work in China or India. What do you think abou that?

  • Sean Maguire

    novaqt – Thanks for stopping by. So far you’re up to 98%. Care to tell us what the other 2% is? 😉

  • 2% alien, perhaps?

    Gradiva’s last blog post..Hoobie Goes for a Ride

  • Sphynx

    NovaQT: So, now that you Republican Trolls have figured out that calling him Muslim just isn’t going to work, you’re going to try to convince us he’s Arabic, or that his heritage is part Arabic?!?

    Clue: He’s 100% American. He’s 0% Muslim, 0% Arabic. We’re Democrats and Independents, not Republicans. That translates to, “We’re a whole lot smarter than that.” Even if he had Arabic blood, or Muslim training, that has no effect on people who don’t rely on prejudice to make their decisions.

    Obama will be the next president. Guaranteed.

  • Wishful thinking. The logic is impeccable but, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Like Madam Clinton famously said, anything can happen between now and election time.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..MP3 Players at a Discount

  • Your conclusion doesn’t follow from your premise through the route of data information that you provide. Just because younger people are more Internet savvy doesn’t mean that Obama win. Traditionally, older voters are more likely to vote than younger voters and older voters typically are more conservative. This election season is much more complex than perhaps any other election since Nixon vs. Kennedy.

    That said, I do think Obama will win, but it will be for different reasons than what you are stating.

  • As an european i am not directly involved in this election. But i always wonder how it is possible to be a republican after all those years with the most incompetent president of all times.
    Novaqt rants about democratic politics without any connection to reality. We in europe have most of this politics in reality for many years and the situation is much better than in the US.
    The US is still the most powerful nation in the world because of its perverted spending of money for the military. But economically it went down for many years now. The US-dollar is now worth nothing compared to the euro. Unemployment rates are much higher in the US. The health system in the US just makes us laugh and cry at the same time. It is now sub-standard compared to the european system.
    Deficit spending has reached absurd levels.
    The education system produces a very small part of very good educated people and a very big part of idiots. The situation after all those years with George Bush has moved the US in the direction of a country. But you still dont realise it.
    It’s the economy, and the republicans dont understand that they are very fast ruining it.

  • Nicky

    We already know the republican operatives will stoop to anything unethical because they cannot win the white house on merrits/issues. Their tricks are so old, they just won’t work this year.
    The republicans will be defeated and eventualy wake up to reality whether they like it or not.

  • Sean Maguire

    @Nicole – You’re correct – Senator Clinton did say that. Then again – she is on the sidelines now.

    @Allen – Actually, my conclusion comes from a holistic perspective. However, I find this simple mashup of internet data very compelling in favor of Obama. You’re right that older voters are “traditionally” more likely to vote, though I smell change in the air.

  • My opinion is that Obama will win for the same reasons Kennedy won over Nixon in the 60’s – he’s eloquent, persuasive, and appeals to a younger set of voters (as evidenced by the stats presented in the post). How many elections really come down to issues? Yes, many do vote based on a candidate’s stance on certain issues; but for the most part people vote for the most relate-able candidate who promises something better for the future – which is Obama’s “change” platform.

    Kari’s last blog post..Whole Lotta Link Love Friday, June 20

  • I doubt that Obama will win because of strong support of McCain by major businessmen. But Obama still has chances to become a big boss of Internet-involved people, you know? 😉

  • All you just told me is that Obama has the youth vote. We knew that already.

    The youth vote wasn’t enough to stop Nixon in ’68, and it might not be enough to stop McCain now. It helps to have it behind you, but it is no guarantee.

    This is politics, not Google analytics. There are so many variable that we just can’t measure.

    Obama has the digital natives in the bag: so what. What about dejected Clinton supporters. They could either vote GOP or abstain altogether.

    As crazy as the Democratic National Convention was in ’68, none of those youths who supported McGovern or Kennedy were going to vote Nixon just because their candidate was nominated. They voted for Humphrey at election time, and Nixon still one.

    CT Moore’s last blog post..Plurk Sounds Like Poop

  • “This is politics, not Google analytics. There are so many variable that we just can’t measure.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

    While I will be supporting Obama in the November election, I think it’s important to note that everything does not revolve around the internet and that what MSM covers will play such a crucial role in the views of the candidates come election time.

  • If anyone is having a hard time understanding why this post is 100% accurate, then maybe you should go take a look at a recent project I put together:

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Google Shows Gay Porn In Ads

  • art

    Obama will be handed a significant defeat and one that will crush the democratic hoopla. He has zero international experience and currently doesn’t support the American troops who are giving their lives to support America’s security. Wishes and dreams are great when you are at Disney land but reality is now and McCain delivers real results.

  • Sean Maguire

    @Kari – I think you have a good point and it definitely seems that Obama has hit a chord with his message of “change”.

    @CTMoore – Thanks for your comment. Anything can change between now and November, however it seems that the Democrats are much more “energized” this election season and that may ultimately prove the difference.

    @Christian – You’re correct of course – everything does nto revolve around the internet. However, you must agree – it’s an awfully powerful medium.

    @Art – Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Next time, feel free to link to your site if you have one. Nothing wrong with stating an opposing view. In fact – I encourage it!

  • It’s funny how politics immediately incites everyone to start throwing out rude, mean, derogatory comments to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Let’s all take a quick second to remember that this is America, and (at least for right now) one of the greatest things about America is that we have the freedom of speech and the freedom to have our own beliefs. That means I can believe the sky is purple with pink marshmallow clouds and it rains orange kool-aid if I’m right. (Yes, it’s ok to laugh at that – it was meant to be a joke.)

    Seriously, rather than getting all up in arms and voting Democrat only because you hate Republicans or vice-versa, can we just pause and really evaluate the candidates based on their views and how that will affect the direction our country takes?

    Obama is a disgrace. He doesn’t care that gas prices are so high (and going to continue to rise) that people can’t even afford to do anything! Let’s remember basic economics. When the gas prices are so high, people do less driving overall. Less driving means people don’t go to the store or out to eat or on vacation because they have to use that money to fill up their tanks. And so the stores and the restaurants and the hotels and tourist attractions are suffering and are going to continue to suffer because people can’t spend their money there and support the business anymore.

    Obama doesn’t support America investing in advanced or future military techniques. He wants to cut funding and programs and not keep us ahead of the world. This sounds like a great plan if your goal is to ensure that everyone else in the world will catch up to us (and that includes the people who want to and have long tried to KILL US).

    Obama doesn’t support doing anything to lower gas prices and the Middle East is laughing at us because why should they increase production if we are stupid enough to not drill for our own oil, when they’ve been drilling and pumpinig for years and not ruined their environment but we might just might possibly could have a chance of hurting the hairy-chested nut-scratcher.

    I’m not saying vote Republican. I’m not saying vote Democrat. But DO PLEASE take time to really truly research the values and beliefs of the candidate you support – not just the one that makes you “feel good” and the one that the EXTREMELY liberal-biased media is endorsing. Be an adult and do your own research, and really think about where those beliefs and values can lead America.

    To prosperity?

    To downfall?

    Then vote.

  • @Melissa – Do you normally ask for people to not use derogatory language and then with in the same post four paragraphs later use it your self?

    And since you are all about talking about energy could you please help me understand the differences in McCain’s energy policy and Bush’s. Because quite honestly, I see no difference.

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Google Shows Gay Porn In Ads

  • Rebecca365

    Politics & religion really bring out the pig-headed bully’s in some people. We are so “party” minded in America….most people don’t really try to research what the “man” is all about. Yes, the internet can be a very good method of getting “the word” out on something. But, you have to also consider that much of the “knowledge” on the internet is about as creditworthy as gossip in the beauty parlor!! Television debates are great entertainment….but, there again, are we going to vote for the man because we like what he “says” he is going to do?? ahahahahahahahaha!! A good research project is finding out just how many campaign promises past elected officials have really accomplished once they are in office. Very few….there have been “some” exceptions. However, even if the hard core “party” people throw mud, bully everyone who disagrees with them, and somehow manage to get their “man” in office.;…….how much power does he “really” have??? Not much in America folks…… Who is going to win? Eennie, mennie, mineey, moe……..

  • Sean Maguire

    Now that it seems the majority of the comments are in, let me simply say – thanks for your feedback.

    As I stated in the post, I’m a registered Republican and I tend to lean conservative. The truth is – I have no idea who I am voting for yet and I probably won’t know until a month or less from the election. What I do believe in is that people should focus on intelligent debate.

    This post was not about politics at all, but rather the impact that the internet will have on our selecting the next President.

    In 2008, political internet marketing will play a key role in who we choose as President. Who will that person be? I don’t believe we’ll know that for sure until election day.

  • blue

    The reason Obama will win is simple; the Republicans have gone to the well too many times now, there just isn’t anything left down there to fill the bucket. As for the youth electorate’s poor record of showing up on election day, I think that’s over. Obama has engaged the younger folks like no candidate in history, and most Americans under 50 are not tainted with the stain of racism that has blemished this nation for so many decades. To put it plainly, we don’t care that he’s half-black, we don’t care that his name sounds Arabic, and we sure as heck don’t care what his preacher says. We judge Obama by his own words, his own actions, and his voting record in the Senate. Bad news for Republicans; we judge McCain by the same things.
    Too many of us are color-blind now for smear tactics, racial code words, and fear-mongering to work. We’re ready to move this country politically in the direction it’s been going demographically for over 40 years. Don’t believe me? Go to the zoo and instead of looking at the animals, look at the people. You’ll see young families, and many of them will have a mommy and a daddy who are not members of the same race. The kids are genetically blended, just like Obama. That’s the future, that’s where the nation, and the world, is headed.

  • Orchid

    If Senator Barack Obama (Dem-Illinois) is elected the next U.S. President this fall, which most of us can take to the bank, Republicans will be shut out of the White House for the next 24 to 48 years unless they could deal with the reality of emergence of the ever-growing (and fast-growing) non-white ethnic groups, especially Hispanics, who are pretty much pro-Democratic electoratewise. This is not a made-up claim or a far-fetched notion, it is happening as a matter of fact. That is not to say that Republicans could never win again on the national level; however, their win at such level would be rare and short-termed. Believe it or not, GOP was already in the process of dying beginning in the late 90’s. President George W. Bush (Rep) had had the opportunity to bring the Republican Party back to life, which he did so temporarily, but instead, he has destroyed it from top to bottom, left and right. Moreover, I do not need to go into any specific detail about it, the President’s overall job disapproval rating explains it all.

  • Dudette

    The (Democratic party ruled) Congress and Senate (dis)approval ratings are worse than the (Republican) President.

    I don’t think either party has a whole lot of favor right now.

  • Volcano

    @Mellisa – Your major concern seems to be the rising price of oil. Do you know anything about non-renewable resources and do you know that we are pretty much exhausting all the oil in this world. Bush has stooped down to the level of invading a country to ‘steal’ their oil resources. Also you don’t get oil by just drilling anywhere you please. Considering the rate at which oil is being consumed, the prices are sure to increase as it gets even more difficult to find new resources or dig deeper for oil. Nothing much can be done about the oil prices unless we find some feasible way to use an alternative renewable energy source. BTW.. Barack Obama will win the general elections!

  • Page Me

    It amazes me people complain about the lack of national security and foreign policy experience that BO’ has. 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack on US soil – we responded by sending our best people to settle a family feud between Bushs v Husseins. In turn pissing off our allies. Our servicemen were collateral damage to Bush and his cronies and America as a whole was nothing more than “pimped out” to bear the brunt financially and emotionally. Give me a break, NO ONE CAN DO ANY WORSE! The internet will have an impact on this election. no doubt – Obama will probably win. The $64,000 question is will they give it to him?

  • Marty Byzewski

    From a Canadian point of view, when Obama chose not to include the Clintons, he became toast.. no way will he win with the old geezer as VP.

  • Sphynx

    Better than if he would have included them. His leaving her off his “Short List” was the smartest move he could make and maintain his current demographic. The “old geezer” plays against McCain’s strength. Good choice.

  • eliza

    Obama will not win. Here are the reasons as I see it, from what I have heard, witnessed and experienced.

    1) Obama is not black enough for black voters. Also, many African Americans don’t vote, so he’ll miss this vote even if they prefer him over McCain.

    2) Obama is not white, or white enough for most white voters. Most (not all) white men will feel uncomfortable voting for someone who is not of their race.

    3) H. Clinton supports will most likely do one of two things: a) vote for McCain, or b) not vote at all. There goes those people. The democratic party has severe problems uniting–they tend to bicker back and forth. On the other hand, the republican party, for the most part, is united and decisive.

    4) The vast majority of right wing Christians and evangelicals will not vote for Obama, most likely based on three items: a) he continues to support and uphold the Roe vs. Wade decision, and doesn’t believe that abortion should be banned completely, b) he has Muslim roots, whether he has ever researched or practiced any Islamism or not, and c) he was a bonefied member under a radical black preacher.

    5) Obama is considered inexperienced without a doubt. And although a country is run by several individuals, cabinet members, advisors, etc., these influences and factors will not be considered when determining whether he is suitable to run a country by the people who are ACTUALLY voting.

    6) Most people do not like change, even if it may be for the better. When things are the same people feel they can predict outcomes and know what to expect. What’s another four or eight years of rolling with the status quo? Most people will not want change because there is no guarantee that things will be better.

    7) Now, this is a strange reason not to vote for Obama, but I’ve heard it from more than one person. There is a fear that Obama will be assassinated and that will cause great upheaval for the country, worse than anything of which Bush could have ever been accused.

    8) The overwhelmingly majority of those who have great wealth will definitely not vote for Obama because he has plans to tax them heavily. These people with wealth can often be very influential and will encourage those connected with them not to vote for him.

    9) The U.S. is generally a country that is very concerned about appearances and materialism. Obama has an uncommon name that doesn’t sit well with most people. Obama doesn’t look like the average American to many Americans. A person who doesn’t consistenly wear a flag on their lapel and is in a government position cannot truly represent nationalistic pride according to thousands of Americans. Also, there is question and doubt if Obama was even born on American soil.

    10) People will not vote for Obama because to the vast majority of Americans there is little worth in education beyond high school and/or at most a bachelors degree. Obama is over-educated for most individuals to really appreciate. Just mentioning his Harvard education leaves many people with the impression that he is a condescending snob.

    11) The votes that Obama may be hoping to get through minority groups won’t come through. Most ‘blue collar’ workers could care less about the internet. Many poor people have no access to the internet (except through public libraries) and have little interest in looking up anything in regard to the presidential election as they try to scrape by to survive. Obama supporters are connected through the Internet giving a false impression that there is such strength out there. Many of these Internetters may complain and write excellent articles, but when it comes time to push the button, oops, they are recovering from their hangover or “whatever dude”. What Americans see are ads from McCain that appeal to emotions, and emotions cut quicker than any rational appeal to the head for many individuals.

    12) And how about all the gun owners out there? Most will certainly not a cast a vote for Obama. This country is guns galore, are you kidding me?

    13) And the last reason that thousands, millions of people will not vote for Obama is that he has no personal military experience. The majority of the men and women love their careers in the military and will feel threatened if their jobs may be cut. Thousands of military soldiers are proud to serve in the armed forces and want to sacrifice their life or health if need be to save the country for which they have great pride. Obama can’t represent these people.

    So, congratulations to McCain on the presidency.

  • Wow! 13 non-sequiturs. That’s the most I’ve ever seen in one place. 🙂

    Allen Taylor’s last blog post..Barack Obama Didn’t Make History So Much As Confirm It

  • @eliza

    1. Apparently you don’t know many black people.
    2. Did you even pay attention during the primaries? in states like Iowa?
    3. Have you been watching the DNC con at all?
    4. You might have a point here, but it is equally safe to call McCain out in the same regard seeing how he has had a shady past with Christians as well.
    5. Bill Clinton and a host of other politicians have been consider lacking experience in the past and went on to win with over whelming victories.
    6. i am not really sure what your point is here. I think that most Americans want change. This is seen in over whelming amount of polling data pointing towards a complete democratically controlled congress.
    7. This is an interesting theory, one that I have never heard of. But more importantly, I think its a cheap mask of silent racism.
    8. I love this one. Did you know that Obama’s tax plan is basically word for word the same as Bill Clinton’s? So much so because allot of the same people wrote it. Have a problem with Clinton’s tax plan? That makes sence, no body likes the larges period of economic growth, having a record budget surplus. I mean if you are against budget surpluses and economic growth then you probably should vote for Bush…oops I mean…McCain, Sorry.
    9. Once again a cheap mask for silent racism.
    10. Oh yeah, lets forget the vast majority of politicians and former presidents that have PhD’s and have been to law school. And, heaven forbid that we have a president that looks smart! Seriously, we are better off with one that can’t even speak correctly.
    11. Honestly, I am not sure of the obama supporters demographics online. However, seeing how this is a marketing blog and we like talking about things like demographics, i would love for you to show us any data that supports this theory.
    12. give me more to work with here…I am not even sure how to respond…Whats your point exactly?
    13. Oh yeah, this is a great point. this is the same reason that Bill Clinton didn’t win the election in 92, oh wait, what? Oh that’s right Bill Clinton did win in 92 despite not being in the military. And yes, McCain is a proud veteran that served his country, to bad he forgot that when he voted against the GI bill, and numerous legislation to extend medical coverage to wounded soldiers.

    But ya know the thing I love most about your comment, is that you didn’t include your full name. I love it when folks on the net hide behind anonymous postings and ambiguous comments when they make outlandish claims like this one.

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..Bloggers deserve real tips not stolen goods!

  • Sphynx

    Eliza, weren’t most of those things said about why he wouldn’t win the Democratic Nomination? Welcome to the 21st Century.

  • eliza

    Joe, thanks for responding! I was looking for someone to argue these points. Let me start off w/two things: 1) I’m voting for Obama, hands down and 2) no full name on the internet just because I don’t trust if someone gets angry w/me and may try to do something crazy because of what I wrote.

    Now, on to the comments, by the way I don’t agree with the-mine that is. I was trying to write from the perspective of a conservative Repub and also from some of the comments I have heard.

    As far as knowing black people–know several as I work in healthcare. I have heard all kinds of comments to liking Obama, to not being very interested in voting “because they’re all crooks and it’s fixed anyway.” Not MY sentiment, but that’s what I have heard.

    Yep, been watching the DNC and saw Obama’s uncle. Had to remind my husband that Obama’s mother is white. Maybe it’s because I’m hear in TX and have heard too many EDUCATED white men say they won’t vote for Obama. Plus, I think after watching the film Borat I didn’t realize the number of racial people in our country. Call me naive.

    Back to the Hillary supporters . . . well, I didn’t see that Hillary actually said anything good about Obama, merely that we have to vote for him. I am irritated at her supporters, especially that one guy walking around trying to get people to sign to get her on the ballot. I also work w/a Hillary delegate who says, “Come hell or high water, I’m not voting for Obama. Hillary was it.” Now he’s voting for McCain.

    Obama is the Christian if you had to say which one is. A Christian is a person who follows Christ. McCain is closer to Constantinite–which is what most Christians now should be called anyway. I appreciate the depth of exploration that Obama has done. My two conservative right wing friends do not and say he’s all phoney, scary and they won’t even begin to explore the candidate with me. They say they are fixed with their beliefs related down to the abortion issue.

    I think personally Obama has enough pertinent experience. Yes, I agree about the other presidents who were young and/or inexperienced. I try to remind people that really ONE person doesn’t run the country solo–he has his advisors that are carefully chosen, just as Biden has been selected.

    People keep talking about change when you see ads and Obama’s speeches. The majority of my friends all want change, but I have come to realize I may not be in the majority. There is a psychological impetus to maintain the status quo . . . it’s like that abused woman who stays in the relationship because at least she knows what she can expect, even if it’s bad. I, for one, want out of this George W. Bush regime.

    Yeah, the assasination theory . . . weirded me out when I first heard it and then again from a completely different person. Anyway, could definitely be a cheap mask of silent racism. Even if that were to happen, sounds like a really dumb reason not to vote for someone you found qualified.

    I like Obama’s tax plan. I just dislike how twisted some Repub sites make his plan like he will tax the middle class.

    When I first heard Obama’s name it made me curious. I looked into him and read as much as I could about him. I could care less about flag pins that were probably made in China being on lapel pins anyway. I think all of that talk is nonsense, but the conservative repubs and “people with lots of national pride” eat it up with a spoon. It’s so dumb. As far as education, beyond a BS/BA or master’s I’m all for it. My dad had 3 master’s and he’s one of the smartest men I know. I don’t know why some people knock people’s higher education . . . I can only think jealousy and insecurity.

    I am afraid though that Obama supporters may be overconfident, especially since many of them do get their info from the internet.

    The gun stuff, well that is from some conservative sites I’ve read that say that Obama will take away their guns. Remember, I live in Texas and everybody loves their guns!

    As far as the military, I have served and there is a mindset I saw while I was in. There was a mindset of saving the country and yes, many people who have joined the military have improved their life by joining. And I don’t think that being a prisoner of war automatically makes one a war hero. I was sitting around the other night and thought why, why, why are we (the US) the only ones fighting this war? Why aren’t there other countries helping us with this war on terrorism? Yeah, I know, late questioning.

    Anyway, I’ll be at the polls voting for Obama who I really hope will win. I have never been so excited for a candidate in my life.

    Peace out,

  • Elizabeth, I am from Texas. You can’t base a prediction like who will win the presidency based on what you hear from one demographic. If someone in NYC did that then they come to a completely different conclusion based on a whole different set of prejudices. I think this election will be every bit as close as the last two elections have been, but the winner will be the one who can take the majority of electoral college votes. I think it will be Obama and it likely come down to a few key states. The EC will be close, but I believe Obama will win the popular vote hands down.

  • Caveat: John McCain will win Texas by a landslide.

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  • eliza

    My apologies in not using the Blogger News Network Election Coverage properly.

    Looking forward to hearing Obama speak this evening.


  • My responses;

    Obama will not win. Here are the reasons as I see it, from what I have heard, witnessed and experienced.

    1) Assumes that black people only vote for black people.

    2) Assumes all white people consider race the primary factor for voting for a candidate.

    3) The republican conservatives hate McCain. Did you listen to Rush Limbaugh and others criticizing McCain during the primaries. They are not as united as you believe them to be. If Romney had won the primaries, they would have been.

    4) Applies only to those voters who consider abortion the number 1 issue. b) he has NO Muslim roots, regardless of those who wish to keep that myth alive by posting it in places like this. c) Do you believe that everything a preacher does in a church you once attended means that you are also responsible for doing those things? So if your preacher commits adultery, then you believe in adultery?

    5) What are the exact qualifications for president? Everyone keeps talking about this, but no one seems to have any specific criteria they can add. Having been in the senate for years and years while all of these problems have existed and gotten worse and not having been able to fix them in all those years you were there doesn’t exactly qualify you for president either. It just shows that when you had the chance to solve problems, you didn’t.

    6) Most people do not want change? They want gas prices to go higher? They want more wars? They want more torture? They don’t want healthcare? They want the economy to keep getting worse? I doubt it. People do want change when it is change that improves their lives.

    7) Yes, ridiculous and not worth a comment on the assassination thing. The overwhelmingly majority of those who have wealth make up a tiny percentage of people in the US, so he does not need their votes.

    9) On appearance Obama wins over McCain hands down. If you choose to vote against a candidate because of his name, you should turn in your right to vote. If you think patriotism is determined by whether or not you wear a flag on your lapel, then you should really turn in your right to vote.

    And by the way, McCain was not born on US soil and Obama was.

    10) Yes. We should always elect illiterates as president. Give me a break.

    11) You say he will not get these votes. What did you base that on? Your reasons you put into this blog?

    You assume all blue collar workers are too dumb to use the Internet? Who are those millions of people online? All harvard grads?

    Those who cannot afford the Internet because they are scraping by know it’s the republicans who made it that way.

    And McCain’s ads say nothing about what McCain is for. They are all about Obama.

    12) Obama is not against owning guns at all. So another false troll item you added to your list.

    13) Bush had no military experience. Clinton had no military experience. So according to the 2 most recent elections you are wrong.

    So, congratulations on being a troll.

    Chris McElroy aka NameCritic’s last blog post..NameCritic About Anonymous Cowards

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  • Blingo

    Who is Obama?

  • Alright Sean Maquire,
    Your statistics are pointless. Obama won’t win because “the online community appreciates his knowledge of the INTERWEBS!!!” Some retard said that about John Edwards and the younger demographic “Oh John Edwards is a snowboarder, and young, and relates to the younger crowd!” he didn’t even make it to the first round of elections because he dropped… why? because todays generation doesn’t give a shit about the president being “cool” or “down with the internet!” who fuckin cares.
    Who lets you write on this website?
    I will BET you 50 dollars, give you my address, and wait for you to send me your money. I KNOW Obama won’t win. Why? Because he’s NOT a freemason, where John McCain, well… he is, and if you know your history a little more in-depth, every president (with the exception of Lincoln) has been a freemason.

    Oh and just for the sake of argument, the only “CHANGE” Obama speaks of is the change of a white president to a black president. He’s not speaking of the world, because ANYONE who steps in to that role will end up CHANGING the US/World.

  • Harp

    >>>>7) Now, this is a strange reason not to vote for Obama, but I’ve heard it from more than one person. There is a fear that Obama will be assassinated and that will cause great upheaval for the country, worse than anything of which Bush could have ever been accused.<<<<>>But “Stupid Americans” never seethe to surprise me….take for example Bush getting elected not just once but twice…. So McCain will win because so many of you are retards. Maybe after he reaps havoc even farther then Bush ever could your country will wake up…

    I’m just say-in…..

  • Harp

    7) Now, this is a strange reason not to vote for Obama, but I’ve heard it from more than one person. There is a fear that Obama will be assassinated and that will cause great upheaval for the country, worse than anything of which Bush could have ever been accused.

    Personally any one of the candidates have a high chance of assassination if elected. I mean they are ALL controversial.

    -Educated Black Man
    -Female Snake
    -Or A Bush Clone

    Any one of them elected and its going to piss someone off. It is not very politically correct how I put that but non-the-less very true. Why that should be one of the points in your argument is beyond me.

    America is a country filled with hate or at least that is Bush’s legacy that he will be leaving behind.

    Obama is the only chance your country has at making up with the rest of the world. He is the one that could stand to actually rebuild bridges that your past president has burned time and time again. Elect another war mongering president and I have no doubt in my mind that its just going to make your dollar drop more and more because of bad relations.

    The world is for Aboma. It would be a breath of fresh air if the US could play nice with the other kiddies for a change.

    It is my sincere hope not only for your country but for every other country that has to shake hands with you that Abama is elected and a better tomorrow can be built.

    But “Stupid Americans” never seethe to surprise me….take for example Bush getting elected not just once but twice…. So McCain will win because so many of you are retards. Maybe after he reaps havoc even farther then Bush ever could your country will wake up…

    I’m just say-in…..

  • lara

    WOW, It would be nice, if someone picks up a history book and learns about our country. You can’t know where we should go if you don’t know where we came from. It is sad, to see how selfish and stupid our society has become. Make an informed choice based on history and truth.

  • H. Oral

    Well said, very true.

  • Scantiaum

    To the author of this post and all who support him: Obama bin Laden IS a MUSLIM extremeist who will destroy the country that most love. You supporters of Obama are truly blind idiots and you deserve whatever happens here on US soil after the messiah is elected by your ignorance…including the nuclear bombs. Basically…if you vote for Obama bin laden…you are an unAmerican terrorist.

  • Scantiaum

    ..and HARP is a MORON who should be shot.

  • OK, closing comments.