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I have to chuckle at reports teenagers in England are using Google Earth to locate residential swimming pools, then organize illegal late-night dips and parties.

Here’s the vision that came to mind:

Seriously, we’re talking England here, not California. Residential pools are very rare, with most homes more likely to have a kiddies "paddling pool" than anything useful for an adult.

Still, you have to admire the creativeness of the kids–even though their actions are illegal, so do not attempt. If they can find swimming pools in England, maybe we should recruit some of them to help us find Osama Bin Laden. 😉

  • The kids possess so great imagination!! Who from us grown-ups could thing of using Google Earth for locating residential swimming pools, afterwards organizing parties???

  • Maybe the good folks at Google can find O.B.L. That’s who I go to everytime I need to find something! 😛

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  • I am not surprised about this story. I was in England last month. I heard that the government has specially trained agent to catch who is not paying taxes. For instance,they have to pay tax to watch [non-cable] TV. This lady just moved in and started to hook up and watch TV. A few moments later, she went for errands. When she came back, there was a note on her door, from the Agency. They are fast to get your money, there!

  • That is funny, and creative thinking. Just wait till they grow up, and put that imagination to really useful goals.

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  • Anyone with an outdoor swimming pool in England (or the rest of the UK) is optimistic at best, as would be the likelihood of chancing upon one on Google Earth. What gibberish.

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  • Never thought of that, brilliant idea, thats for the swimming party people of course.

  • PS3

    How funny and true is the “two found” bit, very witty.

    The best most of us can muster is a 15″ round adult paddling pool, usually 4ft deep at most. Ours takes about 15 hours of filling with a standard hose pipe.

    Still great fun though.

  • Classic! One of the myriad ways of using technology to identify and publicise new opportunities are highlighted through this article. Trust the youth to find the inbetween spaces….

  • Today children have a very creative thinking. But their thinking often have criminal base. It’s unfortunately for me.