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If you think Budweiser’s TV ads have lost a little of their edge recently, you might want to turn off the “tele” and instead head online. That’s where you’ll find the company’s risque “Swear Jar” ad.

The video does contain bad language, but it’s all beeped-out, so safe for work…

Funny huh?

How well is this video working for Budweiser parent Anheuser-Busch? Well, the video embedded above has 2.8 million views and a 5-star rating (from 4,706 ratings), and 1,800 comments. It’s part of Budweiser’s online viral effort at Bud.TV.

Not quite the reach of a Superbowl ad, but the edgy-style is perfect for Bud, and the video has gone viral in a big way. Case in point? Even we’re sharing it!

P.S. Drink Responsibly! 😉


  • Proof that “naughty” is the basis of all good viral.

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  • @David – To quote Budweiser…”True” 😉

  • It’s f********* hilarious!

    I did enjoy the Wazzzzuuuuuuppp commercials too.

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  • Funny.

    In Australia, we fill up the swear jar on a daily basis. To say to someone “You Little F..ker” is to compliment that person, to say “f..king bewdy” is to say something is great. And when someone wins the lottery or something similar, we say “f..k off.” That doesn’t mean we want you to go away, but the news is awesome.

    I like the way that this ads doesn’t wimp it. If you are going to have a viral video, have fun with it, take a chance, don’t pull back at the last minute like so many marketers do (they seem to get cold feet at the advertising altar).

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  • Remember an ad that gets someones attention has done it’s job.

  • They been using viral marketing for quite some time with their emailers. I digg this video.

  • I’d says it’s working for them. I’m their prime demographic, and I thought it was pretty f**kin funny.

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  • PS3

    About time Bud came back with something good, their old ads with the Lizards (or whatever they were) were excellent.

    Humour has to be my top ad genre.

  • This is pretty old. I think I saw it in January

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  • No wonder it has 2.8 million views and a 5-star rating (from 4,706 ratings), and 1,800 comments…Hillarious.

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  • I like it! Great ad. Naughty does sell. I’m sure we’ll see it all over the web soon.

  • Budweiser’s ads and commercials are alwaya creative.