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With the ubiquity of new "Google killers" you’d think that building a search engine wasn’t exactly rocket science. Well, actually, it is. So Google has signed a 40-year lease for a 1.2 million-square-foot campus at the NASA Ames Research Center.

It seems Google needs the space for more than just parking its 767 jet plane.

The NASA deal sets Google’s initial rent for 42.2 acres of land at $3.66 million per year. Google didn’t estimate how much it would cost to build the new campus, which will begin construction in 2013 and will include some housing for employees. Google expects to start the final phase of the campus in 2022.

How’s that for confidence? Google expects to be a fully functioning death star search engine for at least the next 14 years!

So, how many rocket scientists does it take to keep Google growing? Who knows, but Google will be in a prime location to recruit them.

Google hopes the location of its new offices will make it easier to draw on the brain power of NASA’s rocket scientists and give it another competitive advantage over its rivals.

  • Top Rated

    These guys are so friggin huge it’s scary. Fascinating, yes, but still scary. You really have to wonder what they’re dreaming up next.

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  • Gidseo

    Wow… Welcome to Google World.

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  • Shonzilla

    Is that the emerging 51st US state called Googlania?

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  • Symbian

    I think NASA’s building got great IT infrastructure.

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  • DeeMX

    New project will be called NasaGoogle :)
    Google really have the Great Secret plan to building Google Universe :)

  • D Legal

    Just finished reading conspiracy theory on how the US government is now in bed with Google and mining all the data that’s being passed over the internet. That theory isn’t looking so much like a conspiracy after reading this article.

  • Diamond

    Google will probably now get better pictures for Google Earth, hehe

  • Nicole Price

    I am no big fan of the big g. But boy do they dream big. You have got to admire them for it.

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  • Warenwirtschaft

    I agree with “Top Rated”. Google brings fantastic new technologies but they are really scary. Big Brother was a small fantasy in relation to the knowledge in googles databases.

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