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Do you believe in simple coincidences? If you do, then you’ll believe that MySpace’s announced facelift has nothing to do with the fact that Facebook has just caught up to its global audience numbers.

TC has comScore data charting Facebook’s unstoppable worldwide growth and how it has now matched MySpace’s 115 million monthly visitors number (although still behind MySpace’s US audience numbers).

In no response whatsoever, MySpace plans to rollout a major new look on June 18th. The company has announced that its homepage, navigation, profiles, search, and MySpace TV player will all get a new look.

"This is more than a facelift; we’re changing the way people interact with the site and with brands," MySpace said, adding that a major advertiser had signed on to take over the US MySpace homepage on the first day of the relaunch.

Now we just have to wait and see how well the MySpace community reacts to the changes. As Facebook knows, making even small changes can result in a minor riot from your user base.

  • Good old competition and capitalism wins again! The user benefits.

  • Thank goodness. Myspace is a blight on the internet. I’ve never seen a site with such incredibly ugly visual design do so well. It’s an affront to designers everywhere.

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  • Yeah MySpace could use a little bit of botox here and there.

    Any news on Facebook creating more revenue? Does MySpace do well financially?

  • well i think that facebook is catching up with myspace.
    with all the media coverage etc. its all free publicity for facebook.
    i reckon myspace has lost the lead.

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  • Of all of the social networking sites that I am a member of, MySpace is the one that I passed on by…uninterested. It is true that MySpace gives one the most leeway in being unique, by giving users the ability to use a wide variety of layouts, or even to create their own…but I still passed on it.

    To me, the immediate feeling that I get from MySpace is that it is full of teens and 20 somethings, with pictures their mother’s would just die over, using words their mother’s would cry over…provided she could crawl through all of the spam to find them!

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  • As a designer, I dont use MySpace because of its interface. Maybe I will pop past and the new look will change my mind. Facebook is now getting too complicated, its simplicity that wins.

  • Well the more improvements the better for us the users. After all perfection doesn’t just happen overnight it does require facelifts!

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  • Myspace still has more users than Facebook. I think 300 plus million to Facebook’s 80 million which should be changing. Although myspace is copying a lot of similar functionality that you would see on Facebook.