Posted June 5, 2008 5:42 pm by with 6 comments

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Earlier today, Google announced 13 new features in a new "labs" option for Gmail. Details are still trickling out, but, according to CNET, you’ll be able to use them as of 6pm PDT tonight.

Among the new features that are possible:

• A quick-link tool that lets people bookmark specific Gmail messages.

• Superstars, which lets people select custom stars to label mail.

• The "e-mail addict" tool that lets people lock themselves out of their e-mail account for 15 minutes.

• A fixed-width font option to view a message with in a font whose characters are the same width–handy for some formatting challenges.

For now at least, only Google engineers can add features. "Any engineer can code a labs feature," Coleman said. "Once the code is written and mostly working, it’ll get into the next product build that goes to users" through the labs feature.

What fun!