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Today Google launched Google Trends for Websites.

This is the search giants first foray into competitive research, and comparisons are being drawn to Alexa and Quantacast.

Barry Schwartz points out a good use for the new tool at

Now, if you think like a link builder – you can use this tool to find sites that are within your “neighborhood” or industry. So if I want to find link partners for the Search Engine Roundtable, I enter in, look at the related sites and ask all of them for links. Then I go to all of those sites and see who is related to them. You can, theoretically, keep expanding that list, as far is it makes sense.

Some think that the tool is a misuse of Google’s data, sighting the ability for anyone to gain a new competitive edge. This of course was possible before, when for a fee you could snoop out information on your competitors via Hitwise and Comscore.

I see some great applications for the tool in terms of link building and competitive analysis on the cheap. Its competitive reporting at the best price point, free.

  • Question I just posed on Twitter:

    Do you share data with Google Analytics in settings? If so, with Google only and/or Anonymously?

    Google Trends for websites is using this opt-in data. Wondering what the community thinks the best practice is here.

    A search for doesn’t return any trends. Gosh, they have trends for all the other search engines, even the small ones.

    Dana Lookadoo’s last blog post..Women (and Men) Talking Online

  • Two thoughts:

    This seems a rare “me too” product from Google. What unique value does this provide? I’ve seen this data from Alexa, Hitwise, Comscore, and

    More importantly, this service makes me deeply uncomfortable. We run Google Analytics on a myriad of commercial websites, and our traffic data is proprietary. I’m a Google fan, and largely trust the “do no evil” slogan, but I don’t think I’m being paranoid by challenging the wisdom of this black box service.

    Where are they getting this data?

    If someone could search Google Trends for “Josh Klein” and found out Pizza was high on my list, I’d wonder how much of my Gmail was being read against my wishes.

    Josh Klein’s last blog post..Debunking the Social Media Myth: A Framework For Social Media Strategies

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  • Nice, I wonder how accurate it is. Hopefully it’s not as inaccurate as the other guys, but since so many people use Google and Google products, I’m sure it will at least be a little better than Alexa, Quantcast, Compete etc..

  • @Josh Klein
    How can you still trust the “do no evil” slogan? What do you think google does with all the analytics data? It is a free service and of course they dont do it for your benefit. They offer this service to get this kind of data and now they use it.

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  • @Warenwirtschaft

    It’s one thing for them to use the data internally, and another to use my data so my competitors can keep tabs on me. That is the kind of behavior that might directly lead to my choosing a competitor’s product over their own. I’m truly mystified by this new product.

    Josh Klein’s last blog post..Debunking the Social Media Myth: A Framework For Social Media Strategies

  • Rob

    sighting > citing. sighting > citing.

    meh, not that I’m a grammar and spelling freak or anything.

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  • I think I will certainly use this tool if have the need.

  • Great feature I think.
    I’ve checked my site, but it’s nothing to see. At least now.

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  • This will excellent information in the next 6 months to a year!

  • I’m trying to use it for a while, but I didn’t see much use… my web site exist for more than a year, but the Trends show me only 2 months… and no data for half of it…

  • Hi,
    We already added Google Trends parameter to SeoQuake. It shows people count.
    You can get it here
    Note: you should be logged in google account to get data.

  • I’m often use service from Alexa, but I think it not objective. Therefore it’s great info for me. Thanks!

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