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No surprise here. Google continued its dominance in the number one position of the top 10 search sites in the UK, with just over 74% share, according to comScore. eBay ranked second with 6 percent, followed by Yahoo! Sites (4.3 percent) and Microsoft Sites (3.4 percent). Rounding out the top 10, U.K. properties, Rightmove Sites and claimed .8 and .7 percent respectively.

Month over month, there was nominal movement in the stats. The only notable is the presence of Social Media sites in the top 10., claimed a 1.8-percent market share in April. We’ll watch how that develops over the next few quarters.

UK Share of Search (according to comScore)

April 2008 vs. March 2008




% Change

Total Internet




Google Sites








Yahoo! Sites




Microsoft Sites




Ask Network











Rightmove Sites







Amazon Sites




**Excludes searches from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Other notable findings from April 2008 include:

  • UK leads Europe with 4.1 billion searches
  • 31.2 million U.K. Internet users made at least one search during the month<
  • U.K. searchers conducted an average of 130 searches per searcher during the month. (That’s about 1 search per cup of tea or 4 per day – depending on the Brit)
  • LOL just saw your “cup of tea” reference. You know, I’m one of the few Brits that hates tea–unless it’s sweetened iced tea! 😉

  • Sean Maguire

    Hah! It’s hard to spice up stats. I had to throw something in there to give a nod to our friends across the pond – and to make sure someone is reading. 🙂

  • Just really amazing how dominant Google is. Doesn’t look like a combined Yahoo and Microsoft will really make a dent.

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  • Yeah. Google’s big and some people already see it as the Internet God or something.

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  • But in other countries Google doesn’t have leading position in web search.

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  • It is really time that microsoft and/or yahoo get their strategies right. A dominant player like google can only be bad for the market.

  • Yes, Google is somewhat a God especially for a lot of Internet marketer whose income depends on the Big G.

    trexpenn’s last blog post..Dimdim Unleashes the “Eagle”

  • @Symbian – Yup. I think in China. Google is buying stakes on the top search engine there.

    trexpenn’s last blog post..Dimdim Unleashes the “Eagle”

  • When analysing our monthly stats (down here in South Africa), the overwhelming popularity of Google as search engine of choice in our country becomes obvious.

    Would love to see full South African stats, but for our clientele Google accounts for 90%+ of search engine driven traffic. That is sheer market domination. Yahoo! doesn’t feature at all….

  • I just read that google domination would over because not cannot recognize web2.0 technology such as flash, but now goole still dominate

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  • No surprise but it’s always eye opening when you see the numbers. I’m interested in seeing if social sites continue to gain market share…it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

  • So Yahoo is loosing positions? Great news for Microsoft, aren’t they?

  • what i see we have a good increase in ebay followed by facebook wich could tell us who will gain much popularity next fw months on the other hand google losing…

  • Now this is why we all optimise for Google, because its where the searchers are. Its scary when we see the actual numbers.

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