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Let’s add up a few things shall we?

Phone companies want a piece of Google.


Google’s bought plenty of dark fiber in the past.


Google and broadband providers are duking it out over net neutrality.


Jim Cramer has predicted Google will launch its own phone service in the future.


Google today named Patrick Pichette, president of operations at Bell Canada, as its new chief financial officer, replacing CFO George Reyes after a nearly year-long search.


I never was much good at math, so you tell me if the answer is obvious or not. :-)

  • Top Rated

    I’m not sure there is ever an obvious answer, when it comes to Google. Although it is fun speculating about what they may be up to next. I like the theory I read elsewhere (here I think)that Google is planning on using the dark fiber to build their own internet. Now that would shake things up a bit 😉

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  • Tiffany

    Difficult ridle. But for sure is Google keep expanding. Scary if G handles all kind of business.

  • Otilia Otlacan

    They’re preparing to create metropolitan networks in the territories specified here: 😀

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  • RIchard Srery

    There will come a time when Goole will become to big for its own britches.

    Richard P. Srery
    Operations, Logistics & Engagement Management

  • Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)

    So google wants its own phone or internet service….Amazing.

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  • SeoPositive

    Google is big enough and powerful enough to have its own internet service, that only runs sites from itself. (Only Google search)

  • Symbian

    Google can’t rule the world even if it is telephony world.

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