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In 2004, the chilling video “EPIC 2014” predicted that Google and Amazon would merge in 2008 and pretty much rule the world.

Brace yourself, because Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Jeffrey Lindsay argues in a 310-page report that the video is becoming a reality. OK, he’s actually predicting strong growth for Google and Amazon–and few others–but the outcome is pretty much the same. According to Reuters

“We expect two players to continue to perform strongly, Google and Amazon,” Lindsay writes. “Both Google and are still racking up annual growth rates in the 30-40 percent range, with only a relatively modest slowdown in sight.”

If you’ve not ever seen Epic 2014, you must–I repeat must–watch it.

  • These types of figures shows us that the industry is growing and on-line business can only get better. 30-40% is fabulous. Which are the other big players with this type of growth, i am assuming there are many.

  • Dude, we are still waiting for our flying cars and so far only some random Swedish dude has been able to rocket back by jumping out of a moving plane. This video was Fail when it was released and it still is Fail. I put it right up there with the buffoons that think actual AI sentience is just around the corner. The only thing that will ever come out of the “the singularity” concept is a start to a mediocre career for Matthew Broderick.

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  • @Terry – I think the video is designed to make you think about the future impact of technology. I wouldn’t take it literally.

  • As was my comment Andy, I’m just sorta anti-emoticon.

    Terry Howard’s last blog post..Orlando Shooting Suspects

  • I’m putting money on something new coming along and upsetting the applecart…

  • I hope that’s not real. The big player is geting bigger and the competition will definitely dead.

  • Amazing video. Why I haven’t seen it before? Anyway globalization concerns not only the map or the countries borders, internet as well is a part of this process.

  • Cool video, but I think they forgot someone – eBay perhaps? I’m sure they’d have a part to play in that kind of future.

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  • @Top Rate – I don’t know about eBay. Everything I’m reading lately suggest the company’s model is in big trouble.

  • Google and Amazon have audience only in US and some times in Europe. While in the rest part of Internet they have nothing.

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