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When it comes to Linky Goodness, sometimes I even amaze myself. (And a cookie goes to the first person who can give the “correct” comeback to that!)

  • The French are doing away with e-mail. And email. And even electronic mail. Instead, it’ll be called courriel. Which is actually pretty cool, since it’s from “courrier electronique” (‘electronic mail’). (If you’re wondering “Can they do that?” the answer is yes. The French language has an academy, a governing body that decides what proper words, grammar and usage are. English doesn’t.)
  • Does Google Stock Screener do it for you, or will you stick with Yahoo Finance?
  • And in other debates, Should bloggers be considered members of the “press”?
  • Overstock et al. have abandoned them, but Amazon‘s not alone in fighting the good fight—the IAB Strikes Back At Empire State (New York. But isn’t her headline just the best?)

And the race for the cookie begins . . . NOW!

  • WD

    “When it comes to Linky Goodness, sometimes I even amaze myself”

    That doesn’t sound too hard.

    (So no one thinks I’m being rude, it was Princess Leia to Han Solo).

  • Jordan McCollum

    Cookie to WD!

  • Sean Maguire

    “When it comes to Linky Goodness, sometimes I even amaze myself”

    You are truly a legend in your own mind!

    Chocolate chip please. 😉

  • The first tidbit is quite crazy — doing away with the term email? Wow! Those French are quite bold eh?

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  • Jordan McCollum

    Actually, the surprising thing is that it’s taken this long. The French Academy is allegedly quite adamant about not borrowing English terms.

    I’d be surprised if this catches on quickly, if at all. But they made a good choice, I think, making it sound cool.

  • It’s a pity that Frenchmen has such academy,but Englishmen does not. Why?

  • The french always do these things.
    AIDS id CIDA in french
    NATO is OTAN
    I think they have some patriotic defect. My language is german and there are some people who try to do the same for the german language but everyone just laughs about them.

  • Jordan McCollum

    That has nothing to do with the Academy. AIDS and NATO are acronyms; French (like Spanish and probably most languages) translates the full titles and creates acronyms from them.

    In Spanish, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is síndroma de inmunodeficiencia adquirida, or SIDA. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the organización del tratado del Atlántico norte, or OTAN. (Presumably the French equivalents are quite similar.)

    Why would we expect other cultures to use the English titles for international things like diseases and trade agreements?

  • In Quebec, courriel has been used for ages…because we have something called the “Office québécois de la langue française” that is an organization and charter that tries to protect French language and culture. No matter how strange it sounds (being surrounded by Anglophones) and how much the French make fun of Quebecers’ accents, Quebecers probably speak more “French” then the French.

    Oh, and AIDS is SIDA in French…

  • Jordan McCollum

    The Office is the French Canadian equivalent of the Academy; there’s also a Council for the Development of French in Louisiana. Outside of Canada and Louisiana, the language is “regulated” by the Academy.

    And of course, the French would strongly disagree with your assessment of the Quebecois 😉 .

  • Great links as usual. Yes you do not amaze me anymore. I expect wonders from you and get them each time.

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