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The first linky goodness of a new month. If that’s not enough to

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  • I’m one of those Canadian customers being throttled by Bell. It does really stink, as the ISPs are basically deciding what types of applications are more important then others. The smaller ISPs that piggy back off the big boys are taking them to task though. They’ve started a legal battle against them, claiming they’re chipping away at their competitive advantage. I hope they win.

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  • I think net neutrality is an important factor for the internet. Only with this system can small companies and startups have a chance to succeed. When they have to start 2.class nobody wil use their service.

  • PS3

    We all love a free classified ad and it is interesting to see Walmart move into the market. Maybe it will be a bit like sticking a card on one of their store boards (we have the Asda brand of Walmart over here).