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Oh, it’s linky, and it’s good. And it’s Monday, so I know you need it. Unless it’s Tuesday by the time you read this, I guess.

  • Scrapers causing you indexing woes? Google Webmaster Central is here to help with a post on Duplicate content due to scrapers.
  • No surprise: Carl Icahn and Yahoo are still sniping, with Icahn’s latest letter insisting he does have a credible plan for Yahoo’s future, and Google is leaving Yahoo in the dust. Welcome to the industry, Captain Obvious. How does selling to Microsoft, who’s doing even worse in search (and rescinding any protections for employees who might be laid off), actually change that? (Hopefully, Yahoo will be the bigger “person” and say nothing.)
  • Healthy news bites part 1 of 2: Kaiser Permanente is getting into the personal health records initiative—with Microsoft, not Google. Ouch.
  • Healthy news bites part 2 of 2: the vertical health search engine Healthline will launch a “Semantic Ad Network.” Sounds like it’ll be pretty specialized.

Now I know we’ve set the tone for your whole week. You know you like it.

  • PS3

    Thanks for the link to the article on duplicate content. It’s useful to see comments from the horses mouth so to speak.

    I’m curious to know. Are webmaster’s likely to be happy with their content being used if the source is acknowledge and there is a link back?

  • Its not the scrappers that cause me problems. Its when people submit my content to social bookmark websites as soon as it comes out. So as far as Google is concerned, half the time its me who copies social bookmarking sites.

    seo dude’s last blog post..Fun with Google suggestions

  • Ohh .. the article on duplicate content was most interesting to me too. This sentence pretty much sums it up: “To conclude, I’d like to point out that in the majority of cases, having duplicate content does not have negative effects on your site’s presence in the Google index.”

    Owen’s last blog post..Misleading headlines: Lies, darned lies, and misrepresented statistics

  • Why would Google reference other blogs when telling people how to deal with duplicate content? Um, why dont they just tell us from the horses mouth what to do?

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Who Is The Best Looking Man of SEO?

  • Jordan McCollum

    As far as I can see, they only referenced one post on one other person’s blog (Adam Lasnik’s post and the first post they refer to by Vanessa Fox are both on the Google Webmaster Central blog). And that person is Vanessa Fox. Why repeat something she’s already covered quite well that deals with a specialized case?

    Besides, even if they pointed to Marketing Pilgrim (not former Google employees 😀 ) and said “This is what to do,” that’s pretty much being told from the horse’s mouth.

  • @Jordan

    I know what you mean Jordan, but my point is it would be nice to have direct instruction from them. Where in this piece do they tell us how to identify websites that have issues with duplicate content?

    I greatly appreciate Google communicating with us, but I find far to often subject are briefly touch on by them and not completely explained.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Who Is The Best Looking Man of SEO?

  • Yes, I was interested in the very article that tells about duplicate content. However in what way we”ll get that this or that site contains the info based on the above content???