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Less than two years ago, Yahoo was on a roll and had just signed a deal with computer manufacturer HP that would see its search engine as the default on all new HP computers.

Fast forward to 2008, and Yahoo’s on the ropes, with Microsoft providing the body blows. In particular, the news that Microsoft’s Live Search will now become the default search engine for HP computers and a Live Search enabled toolbar will come installed too.

Poor Yahoo.

From the press release:

“This agreement with HP is a strategic indicator of our increased focus on securing broad-scale distribution for Live Search,” said Kevin Johnson, president of the Platforms & Services Division at Microsoft. “This is the most significant distribution deal for Live Search that Microsoft has ever done, and we are very pleased to be partnering with HP to help bring Live Search to millions of consumers across North America.”

Microsoft is building a custom, Live Search-enabled toolbar for HP customers that takes advantage of the exceptional user experience capabilities of Microsoft Silverlight. The toolbar will provide HP with customization capabilities within the buttons on the toolbar, providing quick and easy access to a variety of online services and tools, such as Snapfish by HP, the company’s online photo service, and HP customer support.

“This agreement provides HP customers with an outstanding search product in Live Search, as well as a user-friendly, fully customizable way to access their favorite online services,” said Ulf Claesson, vice president of Worldwide Attach at HP. “Microsoft shares HP’s passion for delivering world-class technology to consumers in meaningful ways, and today’s announcement will help to provide an even more personal computing experience for HP customers.”

  • I never use default search engine in my browsers. I use Google.

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  • Yahoo really needs to start making some smarter business decisions. Start with selling the farm to MS. That way there’ll be at least one heavy hitter to keep Google honest.

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  • It’s a shame that HP would stoop to this level for revenue from MSFT over a better experience for their users with Google.

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  • Things are not going too well for Yahoo are they? Even though Mobile PC guy is right. The first thing I do on a new computer or install is change the homepage.

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  • Microsoft use a hard marketing strategy. I’m never use default or built SE in software, but alot of people use it (I think no less then 15%). I love Yahoo, but their marketing is poor 🙁

  • I guess microcoft start seriously placing itself as Yahoo competitor after many rejection.